How to stay positive during job search

Whether you are re-entering the job market or looking for your first job, the process of searching for your dream job, applying for a job, and the (online) interviews can be daunting for everyone, especially if you feel that you are stuck in a rut. At times like this, it’s not easy to keep morale high and stay optimistic all the time.

In any case, it is important to keep the motivation high during your search for that dream job. That is why we listed 10 useful tips for you.

Give yourself a goal

Define a realistic goal for yourself. Instead of applying for 20 jobs in one day, go for quality over quantity. By starting with small but effective actions – such as updating your online resume, following organizations of interest to you, and connecting with the right people in your sector – you show yourself and your own interests. When you set unrealistic goals for yourself, you are only left disappointed.

Make a plan

Start with the basics. Ask yourself questions such as: ‘Which companies are at the top of my priority list?’. Listing your top five preferred companies can help you develop a smart and targeted plan for your job search.

The next steps are to research your chosen top five and get to know these organizations, their competitors, their corporate culture, vacancies, and internal growth opportunities. This way, you find out precisely what you want and how your experiences and skills fit in with this. Such a plan will gradually help you tick the boxes and stay on track.

Visualize your dream job

Where do you see yourself working? Visualize your dream job for a moment: your job title, organization, salary, and location. Imagining yourself in this ideal situation while also visualizing the end result can help you remind yourself why you are doing this. Creating a ‘vision board’ can help you with this.

It is important to be kind to yourself during this process. Encourage yourself in a way that you want others to support you in your quest, and remember that your worth isn’t diminishing because someone else hasn’t noticed.

Listen or watch motivational speakers

Research interesting motivational speakers and sign up to watch or read about a session. You will be amazed how watching one ‘Brave Talk’, for example, can unleash an idea or give you that extra push you have been looking for. Once you’ve found speakers that you identify with, you can set an alert to stay up to date with their new content, so you never miss an opportunity to learn from them.

Subscribe to industry-specific blogs

Use this time to surround yourself with industry leaders. By staying informed of their activities, you become more familiar with the market and any sector-specific novelties or developments. As soon as you have more knowledge about the sector, you can take the conversations about it to a higher level during the interview stage.

Create a portfolio of testimonials

Making a collection of any testimonials you have will help you see what skills and talents you have, all of which you may not have highlighted in your resume.

This could be anything from a LinkedIn recommendation to a customer review or a manager’s feedback. Not only can you present these testimonials to potential employers during the interview process, they also benefit your personal motivation. Take the time to acknowledge your accomplishments and be proud of how far you’ve come.

Be grateful

Take a moment to think about all the things you are grateful for, both personally and professionally. A great way to stay motivated is to write down three things you are grateful for at the end of each day. By rereading these points at the end of the week, you can emphasize all the positives and break through the uncertainties or uncertainties that have hindered your job search.

Discover your added value

The best way to feel appreciated is to show support and appreciation to others. Give back to those around you who can help you in your job search, for example, by sending them a thank you note. If you see it bigger, you could, for example, volunteer for a local cause, raise money for a good cause, or help with a project where you believe charities will help you build positive relationships and realize what you do can also have an impact.

Avoid being your own worst enemy

When things don’t go as planned, the first person we have a hard time with is often ourselves. It is important to be kind to yourself during this process. Encourage yourself in a way that you want someone else to support you in your quest, and remember that your worth isn’t diminishing because someone else isn’t aware of it yet. Keep going until your potential is seen and heard by the right employer.

Surround yourself with a network that supports you

Some people motivate you and bring out the best in you. Surround yourself with people like this who want what’s best for you. The positive energy of a strong support network will encourage you to persevere and strive for the right job for you.

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