Things you should never tell a man about

Some women are eager to tell a man everything (or nearly everything) about themselves. But it is better not to do this, and some things are better to keep silent about, not only at the beginning of an acquaintance but also after years of marriage.

What is better not to tell a man

Some young men may judge a woman for these revelations or not understand. And if you don’t want to look bad in a man’s eyes, it is better to keep some things secret.

So, what is better not to tell?

How much time and money you spend on your appearance

The men generally don’t understand why ladies spend so many resources, go to salons, sign up for massages and buy expensive cosmetics if, in the end, men don’t notice it.

Don’t burden your partner with information about how much time you’ve spent going to beauty salons and how much money you’ve left there.

The cost of your wardrobe

things you should never tell a man about

If you’re in a relationship, don’t tell her that you only wear expensive clothes or that you only pay for a pair of shoes.

Favorites can take it as bragging or decide that since you are so independent and do not need a strong shoulder. Some men perceive this as mercantilism and a request to buy something.

How and by how much you want to lose weight

Let the man think that everything suits you in your appearance, but it is better to leave the discussion of newfangled diets and extra pounds for meetings with friends.

In addition, you should not point the chosen one to your problem areas because he may well not notice them at all.

The amount of alcohol you drink

Everyone sometimes wants to relax, and if you decide to do it without your man, you don’t have to tell him that you had a little too much champagne.

Your opinion of his mother

things you should never tell a man about

If you’re not thrilled with your current or future mother-in-law, never tell your man that! And never speak ill of your chosen son in her presence, after all, he is her beloved son.

What your girlfriends, parents and family think of your man

It’s common knowledge that even your closest friend or mother has unflattering things to say about your man. He doesn’t have to know that.

By the way, if someone around you is overstepping the bounds and overly judgmental of your choice, then feel free to ask them not to discuss your personal life and not to answer provocative questions.

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