Covid-19 hits French village where no one wears cloth

The coronavirus hits Cap d’Agde, the most popular place for nud!sts in France. More than a hundred corona infections were diagnosed in Village in Cap d’Agde.

Every summer, about 40,000 people come to this village in the south of France, where no one moves naturally, without wearing clothes. After two hotel employees became infected with the coronavirus, mobile test points were set up on Monday to screen people for Covid-19.

In addition to its naked campsites, the French village is also known for its many s*x and couples clubs. The village is advertised on tourist websites as “the swingers dream”.

Cap d'Agde is one of the ‘naked hotspots’ in France
Cap d’Agde is one of the ‘naked hotspots’ in France

“Keeping your distance is impossible in a naturist camp, so a screening was necessary”, someone testifies to France 3 Régions. “There are a lot of infected people, it is better to prevent it. We all sit together in the evening. It’s a meeting place, we’re not there to play cards. In the evening, the bodies roll over each other here,” it says.

“They are mainly young people and not serious cases,” says Pierre Ricordeau of the regional health institute to France 3 Régions.

“The situation is not catastrophic, but it is alarming.” More stringent measures now apply to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. For example, it is mandatory to wear a mouth mask on the street and on the beach, there may be no more than ten people in the same street and clubs must close their doors an hour earlier.

The Regional Health Agency is calling on visitors to Cap d’Agde to have themselves tested.

Sudinfo, France 3
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