This household product is perhaps the surprising cause of your pimples

People with chronic acne would be excellent detectives. They do everything to find the cause (and the best treatment) to finally stop their pimples. And now it appears that this household product can sometimes be a potential culprit.

Are you already fully guessing about what we could have? We will release you from your suffering right away, being the possible bastard of your disfiguring disease… dribble cloths. Yes, those little squares of cloth that you put in the dryer with you so that all your clothes or towels feel that little bit softer and smell delicious.

After all, there is often a waxy residue on these tumble dry towels that can clog your pores if it comes into contact with your skin. Many wipes also contain odors that can cause irritation.

A safer alternative? Clothes dryer balls. You softened it without leaving a residue. Add a few drops of essential oil to the ball before you throw it in your dryer to still get that wonderful clean scent.

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