This Japanese hotel is manned by robot dinosaurs: do you dare to check in?

Behind the check-in desk of this hotel in Tokyo you will find no helpful staff, but only a bunch of robot dinosaurs.

The prehistoric reptiles help you check in with pleasure. A strange experience, but that is exactly what the Henn ha Hotel (literally: ‘weird’ hotel) counts on.

When you approach the desk, the robots come to life and they call out ‘Welcome’, AFP reports.

Guests can choose which language they speak – Japanese, English, Chinese or Korean – and then check in via a tablet with the advice of the robotic assistant. which does not stop there.

In each room of the hotel, guests can call on a smaller private robot that can play music or turn on the television for example. Even the fish that swim in the aquarium in the lobby work on batteries.

Not always loved
Not everyone is immediately away from the robots and their little human appearance. Some guests even get nervous about it, says Yukio Nagai, manager of the hotel in Tokyo. “We have not yet figured out exactly when the guests just want to be served by people and when it’s ok to be served by robots.”

The first Henn na-hotel opened its doors in 2015 and according to Guinness is the world’s first hotel with robotic employees. Meanwhile, there are already eight branches in Japan, each with its own set of robots, ranging from dinosaurs to more human specimens.

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