This man has only been eating raw meat for 10 years

At the restaurant, the chef has little work on Derek Nance’s meal. American only eats raw sheep meat. Nance goes to the farm to choose a sheep and then slaughters it on the spot or in his garden. With the exception of the bladder, he eats the entire sheep including bone marrow. It takes the man about a month to work a full sheep inside.

Nance switched to the extreme diet when he was told when he was 20 that he was suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. Since he eats raw sheep, he feels perfectly healthy.

“Raw is just so much easier for me to digest,” he said as he opened a large refrigerator in the utility room. Inside, every single part of a sheep was hanging as if it was being stored in a butcher shop. He pulled a bone down from the top shelf.

“I will just sit here and chew on one of those for a while whenever I need a snack,” Nance said, before he showed the hanging spleen, “It’s a big bloody sponge,” writes wkyt News media site.

This man has only been eating raw meat for 10 years

Nance grew up with relatively common childhood ailments including asthma and ear infections, but he said when he turned 20, his sicknesses became more severe. He only weighed 150 pounds and was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. “I started studying other people who were into the raw aspect that the vitamins and nutrients are more intact raw, and it’s better and easier for the body to digest.”

This man has only been eating raw meat for 10 years

According to the Nance, the raw diet immediately solved his health problems. Part of the reason Nance said it works for his body is because of his thorough vetting of the sheep. “I go out to the farm and try to source local grass-fed, pasture, raised directly from the source because I just need to see for myself where the animals came from,” Nance said. “I think it’s important to look at the animal while it’s alive and there are a certain vitality and vibrancy in the animal that you can see and you can see for yourself if it’s healthy.”

Nance slaughters the sheep on the farm if the owner is okay with it. Otherwise, he brings the live sheep to his home and slaughters it in his backyard. “As far as I know, I’m not doing anything wrong, and I’ve been doing it the past ten years,” he said when asked if slaughtering animals and eating them raw is legal.

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