This new and dangerous cyber attack is just delivered by mail

A new kind of cyber attack can just be delivered in the mail by malicious people. The package contains a device that can break into the local Wi-Fi. This new form, called warshipping, is particularly dangerous for companies, reports computer maker IBM.

IBM should know because they presented this new method in the context of information. The device costs about a hundred dollars and is undetectable, provided someone opens the package. How does it work?

As a sort of Paard van Troje, the package including the computer is sent to the company. Once the package is delivered, the device – based on a Raspberry Pi – searches for the password of the local WiFi. Once hacked, cybercriminals can take their course. Passwords and sensitive information can easily be hacked.

IBM reports to tech site TechCrunch that the attack is effective and especially cheap. The hacker does not have to be around to carry out the attack and cannot be discovered unless the package is opened. Incidentally, it is not yet known whether this type of attack has already been used, but according to IBM, that chance is real.

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