This woman picked her noisy neighbour in the best way ever

A letter and a delicious cake: more this American woman did not need to tell her noisy neighbour that she did not really enjoy his nocturnal “parties”. Later it appeared that she could not have dealt with the situation better.

Candice Benbow was fed up with the fact that her neighbour continued to play loud music until late at night. She wrote to him this month a letter in which she told him how he kept her awake all those nights. And “that you come home every night and set up loud music is something that I expect nowadays”, the woman explains in the letter. “Sometimes it’s a song that I have not heard for a while and I appreciate the throwback. Other times it’s something I’ve never heard before and I’ve been able to google a few texts to add them to my weekly playlists.” But then she tells him that the situation got a bit out of hand last night.

“I do not know if you are hosting official after-party of our building’s holiday social or singlehandedly determining this generation’s R & B king. But 3.00 am is just too late to be that loud.”


Moreover, it did not look as if the neighbour would soon close his party. “At 3.47 am, I realized that it would be much more useful to reflect on your taste and eat chips than to sleep,” the woman continues.
“At 3.55 am, I would have to dream about all the things that I would like Michael B. Jordan and/or Malik Yoba (both American actors, ed) to do with me. I should dream about the life I could have with Lena Waithe (American actress, ed.) If she was single. I should not be awake to sing Maxwell’s ‘Ascension’, simply because you want to be the DJ of the first floor.” “You rounded off at 4.07. I really appreciated that. In the future, when you organize your parties, please think of the rest.”


Besides the letter, the woman also made a cake for her neighbour. “At 3:30 am, when I decided to bake it for you, I realized that I am thinking a lot more about your feelings than you are about mine. I hope that changes – especially since I’m only three months away in my thirteen-month lease.” Before she left the letter and cake at her neighbour’s door, she took a picture and posted it on Twitter. The message was hailed no less than 170,000 times in ten days. Many internet users asked her why she did not simply call or call the police. The woman later explained that as a “single woman” she has to think carefully about how she wants to tackle such situations.

“I also have to live here. I knew I had to say something. I was looking for a way not to make it confrontational. And I really like baking!”

Surprising twist

The original message proved to bear fruit. A day later, the woman said that the music had never been so hard. And then the whole story got a surprising twist: when she met the neighbour, he even regretted the unintended side effects of his music. “He apologized for the noise, promised to invite me to his next party and more importantly… He said my pound cake was amazing!”

Nevertheless, the neighbour appeared to have a somewhat valid reason for his annoying habit. The man works as a producer of music videos, making him a lot of music lover, and is going through a difficult period. This is his first Christmas without his teenage daughter, who crashed earlier this year, he said.

“It was a sweet and gentle reminder that we never know what people are like and it is always best to be guided by kindness,” concludes the woman.

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