Thomas Markle: “Meghan gave the guests marijuana at her wedding”

Thomas Markle (74), the father of Meghan, has again made a revelation about his daughter. According to the man, his daughter gave each guest a goodie bag with a bag of drugs at her first wedding party.

In 2011, Meghan Markle (37) stepped into the marriage boat for the first time.During the wedding in Jamaica she gave her word to the American film producer and director Trevor Engelson (42). She gave her 102 guests a goodie bag with a bag of weed too – according to her father. “It’s illegal there, but nobody worried about it,” Thomas Markle looks back at the wedding party. “It’s almost there. I do not smoke it and I do not think Meghan either. I do not remember what I did with my bag. I think I gave it away”, says Thomas to The Daily Mail.

Father Markle was not present at the wedding of his daughter. He had to give up because of bad health.  In the interview with the British newspaper, Thomas also responds to all the stories about Meghan. Meghan and Kate Middleton would not be together, and Harry’s wife would also be very difficult to work with. “I do not recognize the person from these stories. The Meghan I know was always sweet, kind and generous. She was always demanding, but never rude.”

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