Thousands of protesters demand more democracy in Thailand

Thousands of people demonstrated on Sunday in Bangkok against the government of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha and for more democracy. It was one of the most massive political protests in recent years.

The protesters held a “protest jog against dictatorship” before the crack of dawn. The crowd demonstrated while jogging against political oppression in the country. According to the organizers, around 13,000 people had signed up for the promotion.

The second demonstration in Bangkok, this time by supporters of the government, attracted a similar number of participants, according to the organization.

Premier and former army chief Chan-Ocha seized power through a military coup in 2014 and presided over the country for five years. He won the Thai elections in March but was favored by the new electoral law.

Thousands of protesters demand more democracy in Thailand
©REUTERS – Joggers raise three fingers during the protest run ‘Run Against Dictatorship’ in a park in Bangkok.

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