Tianwen-1 arrives at Mars, looking for a landing spot

After the United Arab Emirates, China is also trying to get a probe into orbit around the planet Mars. The Tianwen-1 (Heavenly Questions-1) is due to arrive at the planet sometime today, after traveling 470 million kilometers in about 200 days.

From its orbit, the Tianwen-1 must find a good place to land in the coming months. This will happen in May at the earliest. After that landing, an unmanned cart must appear, which must drive around on Mars.

China wants to find traces of life and map the surface and soil of Mars. So far, only the Soviet Union/Russia and the United States have managed to land a device on Mars in a controlled manner.

Yesterday, the United Arab Emirates’ satellite al-Amal entered orbit around Mars. It is the first Arab mission to another planet.

Next week, an American mobile laboratory has to land on Mars. The cart, called Perseverance, has hidden in its cargo hold the first alien helicopter, the Ingenuity.

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