Tips to free yourself of negative emotions

Everyone experiences these negative emotions (anxiety, anger, fear, guilt). The solution is not to ignore them but to understand them to use them better.

Emotions are a part of life and cannot be easily controlled. The more negative emotions repressed, the more they emerge. The best thing is to release them to tame them. If the mind doesn’t do this, the body will express them. Blocked emotions will eventually make you sick”.

Happiness comes from accepting negative emotions. This help identifies the things that are happening to us that are affecting us.

Tips to spot Negative emotions and rid of them.

Identify negative emotions

Every emotion has a function, so fear is a necessary feeling. It is an emotion of anticipation that prepares us to face the unknown. To tame it, it is helpful to talk about it with those close to it and understand what will happen. Fear disappears into the light of action.

Anxiety: arises out of tension and translates into restlessness and weakness. According to Latifa Gallo, this can be described: “The body usually shows palpitations, chest pains, lumps in the throat anxiety.

Anger: is a warning signal that its limits cannot exceed. It allows us to assert ourselves and indicates that behaviour will not please us. Anger helps to respect and be respected. It shows what is important to everyone, and it must always be in this direction: not against the other.

Guilt: is a mixed feeling because it mixes fear, anger and sadness. It is the result of feeling that something not done well. It is necessary because it helps to repair the hurtful behaviour. But when it’s too present, it becomes a real burden, details Latifa Gallo.

Shame: represents the most unhappy feeling because it affects self-esteem and devalues the person. Finally, jealousy is a mixture of anxiety, fear and anger. It comes when you feel depressed or afraid of losing something or someone.

Listen to them

To be able to get rid of negative emotions, you must know how to listen to them. We must neither judge them nor be afraid of them but respect them and practice self-empathy.

Breathing reduces the emotional load and regulates the body. To do this, use abdominal breathing. Breathe through your nose, inflate your stomach for four counts, and then breathe slowly for eight counts.

Expressing negative emotions

I have to tell my interlocutor how I feel and the emotions caused by his behaviour. It is very vital to be able to express negative feelings with the people around you. Not saying anything is worse because it damages the relationship. He can’t guess, so it’s important to tell him rather than suffer.

Identify the need behind it

Behind every negative emotion lies an unmet need. So if we’re tired, we need sleep; if we’re sad, we seek comfort; if we’re scared, we want to be reassured; if we’re angry, we want respect and move forward and be free from emotions; this need must be clear.

Note* Always consult your doctor or other qualified health care professional for any questions you may have about your health or condition. Never disregard a health care professional’s advice or delay getting it because of what you read on this website.
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