Tired of bad summer weather? Entertain your kids with a fake tattoo

Children and fake tattoos, it’s still a combination out of a thousand. The time that you had to draw such a fake tattoo with a black ballpoint pen on your arm is fortunately far behind us. These are the best ways to immortalize your favorite design on an arm or leg (or at least for a while!).

Less radiant weather during the summer holidays, which requires a lot of creativity. Especially when you already had to fill four months with all kinds of fun activities at home. On the schedule today: hours of tattoo fun.

1. Tattoo pen

Ballpoint pen brand BIC just released a series of Bodymark markers, with which you can draw temporary tattoos on the skin of your offspring – or yours. The pens are of cosmetic quality, and you can use them to your heart’s content without any worries. The marker washes off again with soap and water, although several washes may be required to remove each trace of ink.

2. Sticky tattoo

By far, the most famous form of fake tattoos is the sticky tattoos that you can find in almost all toy stores. Remove the protective plastic film, press the drawing onto the skin, and then press a damp cloth against the back of the tattoo paper to transfer the design n to the skin.

Tired of bad summer weather? Entertain your kids with a fake tattoo

Those who really want to get creative can buy tattoo paper to design sticky tattoos themselves. All you need for that is a printer.

3. Glitter tattoo

With the help of thick paper or plastic and special glue, you conjure up the most beautiful glitter designs. A glitter tattoo will easily stay stuck for several days (so no glitters throughout your house!). You remove them with alcohol or olive oil.

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