To win big: Man went to betting center with statuette of Jesus

A photo of a man seen in a shop Soccabet (betting center), move round on social networks. The most interesting aspect of the picture is that the man had a statuette of Jesus Christ to multiply his chances of winning big.

The bets have been very well received since entering Ghana. Men and women easily make small and huge bets to win and make their lives better. The bets have really attracted the needed attention in Ghana.

People are going in all areas just to earn their stake in the betting centres. We were not surprised when we saw a guy doing the unthinkable in a betting centre.

We cannot confirm the name of this bettor or the particular branch of Soccabet to which the man made his bets. However, he seemed in a good mood looking at his options on the betting shop computer.

The guy in question brought a statue of Jesus to a betting centre while he was hoping to win big.

Sports gaming bets are very popular in Ghana and have become a way for many young men and women to earn some money.

This behaviour may be described as inappropriate.

To win big: Man went to betting center with statuette of Jesus

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