Too shy to speak, Zhang roams around in Singapore for 10 days

A lost Malaysian wandered through Singapore for ten days. The reason? The 18-year-old Zhang Daming was too shy to call someone in the city state of Singapore. A country of about 6 million inhabitants.

The adolescent stayed in Singapore for a short time and stayed with a friend. His intention was to find work immediately. He left the home address for lunch on Boxing Day. All he took was 50 Singapore dollars (32 euros) which he had borrowed from his comrade. Zhang left his passport and smartphone at home. Something he must have complained about afterwards. Once he had eaten, he realized that he had got lost. The man could not separate the flat and office buildings in the very populated districts.

Addressing someone and asking for directions was not an option. From then on, he slept on the street. For toilet visits he went out to the toilets of shopping centres, where he also refreshed himself. He was eating at street stalls. His money, yet, went down. The 18-year-old forced to beg after a while. It hardly produced anything. The boy could only buy a bottle of water.

Zhang was exuberant and completely dehydrated. When an old woman addressed him on January 6. She asked if he was sometimes the missing boy from Malaysia. He answered in the affirmative. The police then help the boy. Zhang turned out to be six kilometres from the guest address. The police could soon reunite the boy with his comrade. He had reported him missing. He had also distributed a search report via social media, with the request to share it further. Zhang decided to return by bus to his family in neighbouring Malaysia. According to the friend, Zhang does not intend to return to Singapore soon.

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