Top 5 coldest cities in the world

Everyone would like to live by the coast of the blue sea, swim in the rays of the caressing sun, walk-in green meadows and thickets, listening to the singing of overseas birds, but such an opportunity is given to the lucky few. On the contrary, some are destined to live in places with harsh and challenging climatic conditions.

They are represented both by megalopolises and by small villages. Piercing winds and severe frosts are observed in them – gasoline, electronics freeze, viruses, and microbes do not multiply. However, people living in such harsh conditions adapt to the environment and sometimes do not notice low thermometer readings. In the world ranking, there are five coldest cities in Russia with a population residing there permanently. These people have a good and courageous character and are worthy of respect.

Yakutsk, Russia

Yakutsk’s winter is very harsh – the frost sometimes reaches – 65°C, summer is hot the maximum temperature is + 38°C. The capital of Yakutia is located on the banks of the Lena River. The number of inhabitants is about 300 thousand people.

There are restaurants, bars, SPA salons in the city. There are many educational institutions, a university, scientific centers. There are several theaters, a circus, museums. The town is completely paved. But driving a car in winter is a problem – it is tough to start it. About 30% of the world’s diamond deposits are concentrated in these places, and industrial gold mining is carried out.

Ulaanbaatar, Monogolia

The capital of Mongolia is Ulaanbaatar. The climate is mountainous with the makings of a sharply continental. There is little rainfall during the year. Winter with little snow, the temperature can drop to –42°C. There is not enough rain; the maximum temperature is + 39 ° C. Ulaanbaatar is a million-plus city, with a population of 1 million 300 thousand people.

The city has a railway, airport and airfields, universities, museums, theaters. Mechanical engineering, metal and woodworking, the food industry, and the tourism business are developing. Tourists will find a lot of exciting and informative things in the hospitable Mongolian capital.

However, despite this location, the city is a favorite of the coldest places on the planet. There is not a single metropolitan city in the world where the winter would be so severe, and the average annual temperature dropped to such a low level.

3. Murmansk, Russia

The number of residents exceeds 300 thousand. There is a seaport, which is the basis of the city’s economy. The port is active all year round; the Gulf Stream does not allow the water to freeze. Winter is cold, frost reaches –39°C, in summer it is hot up to +33°C.

During the Great Patriotic War, the Murmansk port connected our country with the allied nations. Through this city, help came from them to the land of the Soviets. After the war, Murmansk was awarded the title of Hero City. The streets are mostly paved. The city has a hypermarket network, a well-developed hotel business, many educational institutions, museums, theaters, an airport, and a railway. Residents work in the port, fish, produce metal.

4. Barrow, USA

In the United States (Alaska), there is the northern town of Barrow. It can be freezing down to –47°C; the maximum temperature in summer is +26°C. The weather changes very quickly and dramatically. Winter with snow and drifts can come in the middle of summer. Then you have to change cars for snowmobiles.

Barrow is a city of oil workers with a population of 4500 people. There are no asphalted roads; dressed animal skins are drying everywhere, whale bones are lying around from the benefits of civilization – a football field, shops, an airfield. Life here is harsh; there are few sunny days, strong winds blow, and the polar night lasts from November to January. But the inhabitants of these places in winter can watch an incredible sight – the northern lights.

5. Norilsk, Russia

The northernmost industrial city, Norilsk, is located in the Krasnoyarsk Krai Territory. The number of permanently living population is more than 150 thousand. The town belongs to ecologically dirty areas of the earth.

These were due to the work of the metallurgical plant. Residents suffer from various diseases and mental disorders.

Norilsk has an industrial institute, colleges, schools, many schools, and an art gallery. The winters are long with piercing winds, the temperature in winter can drop to –53°C, in summer, the maximum is + 32°C. Snow lies between seven and nine months of the year. The height of snowdrifts can exceed a three-story building; the wind can carry away a person and turn the car over.

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