Top 5 secret societies believed to be ruling the world

Society loves mysteries. Secret intrigues, conspiracies, intrigues – all this arouses our great interest. Where is the truth, where is the lie – who knows? But they work, secret societies, weaving nets almost right under the noses of ordinary citizens.

We will tell you about them in today’s top: 5 of the scariest and most secret orders attributed to rule the world.

1. The Freemasons

The Freemasons
The Freemasons

The freemasons, aka the brethren. This society goes back three hundred years. In that time, they have gone from small communities in London, to a truly worldwide organization that everyone knows about. What is the mystery? Freemasons claim to be only interested in moral education, charity, and helping your fellow man.

However, most people have a negative view of them. They are accused of Satan worship, strange rituals, ownership of the entire world financial system, and much more. The Freemasons themselves do not respond to these accusations or try to explain them away by the machinations of their enemies. Perhaps the infant-eating and human-trafficking legends are just myths, but there are a lot of powerful men in the ranks of the Order, from businessmen to American presidents. To get the latest stories, install our app here.

This is alarming. When serious people gather, they play serious games. However, the secret society is really secret – no one has ever managed to catch a hand of a Freemason. Thousands of books and articles have been written about them, but the Order is still a mystery that has not yet been solved.

2. The Illuminati

The Illuminati
The Illuminati

They are often confused or confused with the Freemasons. This is fundamentally wrong, for the Illuminati originated as an alternative current to Freemasonry. These guys have always been interested in politics and religion, which were not discussed in Masonic meetings. The Order itself was founded in the late 18th century in Germany, existed for 20 years, and was completely defeated.

So it is not quite clear who calls themselves Illuminati in the present time. However, the basic tenets and principles of this Order are known, as is known their motto “New World Order”. This organization is more closed than the Freemasons, but you can find them in the expanses of the Internet. Such resources should be wary, as crooks often use them.

There are persistent rumors that many representatives of show-business and cinema are followers of the Illuminati. For this, they themselves give a certain ground by their creativity and image, which suggest that they belong to certain dark forces. However, the Illuminati are as great silent-minded as the Freemasons.

3. The Rosencreutzer

The Rosencreutzer
The Rosencreutzer

Hailing from the late Middle Ages, when secret societies were just gaining strength. An even more closed organization than those described above. Engaged in the darkest and most forbidden topics, such as alchemy, magic, and witchcraft, they sat very quietly because the Inquisition did not slumber in ancient times. The heyday was in the 18th century, when many noblemen were members of the club.

There is little information about those times, as no written documents have survived. In today’s world, the Rosencraucers are a wholly esoteric society that places spiritual perfection and growth above all else. At least that’s what they claim. But there are reports of satanic rituals and orgies where any new member must renounce God, undergo a rite of initiation through group sex, and swear to serve evil.

It sounds like a scary tale, but the old manuscripts mention the members of the Rose and Cross as the most faithful servants of Satan. They are hardly mentioned in the media, but there are centers for them in every major city in Europe. They say that their goal is to seek the truth and establish the common good. There is little information about them in ancient times, but the Order thrives and is active.

4. Royal Club

Royal Club
Royal Club

Only a hundred years ago, there were royal dynasties that ruled the world. They have not disappeared even now. The princes of the blood also weave intrigue and lust for power – the Royal Club helps them do this. Its members are only members of the royal houses and their relatives. Since a prince can only be born, it is impossible for a mere mortal to join the club.

The royal lines of Europe are related, so all members are related to each other. This makes it easier to build common plans because many interests overlap. They are rumored to pull the strings of their governments, while the most important decisions are made just in the royal chambers. In addition, they are fabulously rich, and the closed nature of the families allows them to keep their secrets and plans from the world. To get the latest stories, install our app here.

There are also concerns about the “untouchability” of the royal families. These people are above the law, and can make decisions without regard to the general values of human morality. There is very little information about this community, but its power is undeniable.

5. Hellfire Club

Hellfire Club
Hellfire Club

The main concentration of the “black” aristocracy. All the noble families of Europe and America are in its ranks, all those who were once “white bones”. So they remain today. In their hands are vast resources, connections, and key corporations that control the financial system of the world. Within the club, there is a blood-kin cult.

Almost all of the aristocracy for 300 years married and have each other as close or distant relatives. That’s why the members of the community know each other very well, and a man from the outside can’t go here. The activity of such aristocracy is almost invisible because they are not interested in public life. Thus they make important decisions, whom to sponsor, whom to expel to elections, and whom to give “the wolf ticket”.

It is impossible to play any significant role in Europe without the approval of this community. At the same time, the society maintains deep secrecy; not much is known about its activities. Also, members of this club are often members of Masonic organizations so that one person can be “initiated” in a double sense. Little information is available, but they are there and active. To get the latest stories, install our app here.

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