Top boxer gets wind from the front after bad kiss

The Bulgarian top boxer Kubrat Pulev (37) received a lot of criticism because he kissed a journalist in the mouth during an interview.

Kubrat Pulev is not the first of the best. The heavyweight has 27 victories and barely one loss camp on the record. Pulev only had to acknowledge his superior several times in 2014, when Ukrainian top player Vladimir Klitschko was a size too strong. However, the Romanian Bogdan Dinu was no match at all in California last weekend, after which the media gathered after the camp to decorate some striking odds from Pulev. He focused primarily on one journalist: Jenny SuShe.

Initially no dirt in the air. The reporter from Vegas Sports Daily was told that Pulev had been preparing for the camp for months, he was happy with the victory and it must have been the tactic and cut above his eyebrow – where blood still dripped after Dinu hit beaten – he was not worried.

Top boxer gets wind from the front after bad kiss

After SuShe wanted to know if Pulev now had a chance against Tyson Fury and received an affirmative answer, the journalist was surprised. The Bulgarian took her face between his hands and kissed her mouth full. The images immediately went viral, on social media many people could not taste the gesture. “This must be one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen in ages” and “You see him staring at her all the time. Creepy. This is unacceptable,” it sounded.

SuShe himself responded briefly to the Australian news medium She said that the moment was “a bit embarrassing and especially weird.” One of the best heavyweights in the world is firmly under fire.

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