Toxic people: 5 ways to protect yourself from them

As you know, the environment is not chosen. The work collective you spend most of the day with goes to you, along with the position held, sarcastic colleagues, and a madman boss. And in everyday life, you are also often surrounded by toxic people who test your nerves for strength now and then. Fighting them off can be difficult, but some methods will allow you to be tactful in dealing with such people and keep you calm and steadfast.

What 5 ways to help you protect against toxic people

If necessary, they will allow you to repel the attack and save your nerves.

Be polite

The easiest way to keep your distance from toxic people is by adopting tact and politeness. This will prevent them from finding fault with anything in your behavior or character. Try to be absolutely delicate during communication. Unwanted individuals will understand how psychologically unapproachable you are and are unlikely to dare to attack you openly.

Diplomacy to help

Use the following trick when talking to toxic people. Imagine yourself as an international diplomat who needs a nosebleed to avoid an international scandal. Pay attention to every word you say and the sharpness of your expressions, which can permanently eliminate your opponent.

Do not touch on forbidden topics

Personal life, finances, health, politics are topics that are best avoided in conversation. If your interlocutor deliberately provokes you to touch on one of them, do not get fooled; show diplomacy and flexibility, leading the conversation in a different direction. But there are such stubborn people that it is simply not possible to switch from one topic to another. In this case, say: “I can talk about this for a very long time, but I don’t have time for this.” The main thing is to learn how to dodge cleverly; otherwise, you will get stuck and not get away from a toxic interlocutor.

Steer clear of criticism and blame

Toxic people are very fond of gossiping behind their backs and judging others. These are their weapons. Having undertaken to discuss some people, they will very soon get to you. You need to distance yourself and not maintain the same line of communication. Take a neutral position and ignore criticism and gossip. Be above that!

Be selective in communication

The more closed you are when dealing with toxic people, the better. The less personal facts about yourself you tell them, the more you play into your hands. It would help if you did not devote the interlocutor to the most intimate; otherwise, you risk getting a blow in the stomach with perverting facts from your life. Want to talk about someone? Chat with your interlocutor about him, but do not spread about yourself.

By adopting these 5 rules, you will learn to build distance between yourself and toxic people, protecting your health. Do not forget to use these tricks, and very soon, your communication will soften and become much calmer, and your relationship will go from strained to peaceful.

At the same time, it will still not be superfluous to reduce conversations with toxic people to a minimum, practically without taking part in them. Communicate with them only for business or work, but do not let them into your territory. Be selective, and then there will be less stress, anxiety, and disappointment in your life.

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