“Tracking” tool? What is the RFID chip in some masks used for?

The RFID chip found in many reusable masks, whose function could not be explained by the Director-General of Health, is not a means of “tracking”. It is used to count the number of washes before throwing the mask away.

While more and more French people are afraid of being tracked by the RFID (Radio-frequency identification) chip, a France Inter listener asked a question about the function of this chip to the Director-General of Health in France, reports Cnews.

The person in charge, known for his press briefings on the progress of Covid-19 in France, kicked in the sidelines.

“I can tell you that French fabric masks are excellent, I wear them every day, and they have a much better impact on our environment, they can be washed, they can be reused. They are made in France, close to where you live, and they don’t have an integrated chip, I can guarantee you that,” replied Jérôme Salomon.

In reality, RFID-type chips are exclusively present in special masks used by the employees of certain companies. They are intended to count the number of washes (from 30 to 60 in general) before having to dispose of the model.

The control carried out by a smartphone application

It is not about “tracking”. According to the company UBI Solutions, people wearing this mask can “control the number of washes with a smartphone application”.

Cnews indicates that there is no information at the moment on the number of employees wearing this type of mask. These are mainly people working in the industrial world. The data collected allows the masks to be washed at the end or in the middle of the day, all at the same time in the laundromat.

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