Tunisia parliament: deputy replaces Minister of Social Affairs with a puppet!

In Tunis, the legislative temple was the scene of a scene to say the least unusual, worthy of a muppet show of the most satirical, brocading the great absent of the day: The Minister of Social Affairs, Mohamed Trabelsi.

His presence was however required under the dome of Parliament, Monday, November 5 dedicated to his hearing in plenary, but the Minister has once again stolen his obligations, to the point of getting out of his hinges Imed Ouled Jebril, a deputy from the ranks of Nidaa Tounes. The latter, ulcerated by what looked like a second flight forward, decided to pay the head of Mohamed Trabelsi to better express his anger in the hemicycle.

The minister is not here? Never mind! His puppet can easily replace him, especially since, according to the furious parliamentarian who installed him in the place usually occupied by the Minister of Social Affairs, the latter is only a “puppet in the hands of corrupt, in the hands of those who make the rules of the game within the Ministry of Social Affairs.”

“He wants to make deputies of the Assembly of representatives of the people of the puppets, but this is his true level to this minister”, carried the Tunisian deputy, driving the point: “When he has no solutions to propose (…) he flees, for the second time in a row”.

“Come, come show your competence to the Tunisian people! Today, your corruption is to be taken in every sense of the word! I challenge him to present a single reform he has made”, still railed Imed Ouled Jebril, before he cut the microphone.

One thing is certain, the parliamentarian Nidaa Tounes expected no response nor Mohamed Trabelsi, the brave but not reckless minister, nor his puppet who was missing, that day, a ventriloquist to express himself…

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