Unforgettable history of Russia 2018 FIFA world cup

History of Russian world cup! I was going to say hysterical, so this 21st edition of the football world cup is full of emotion but also surprises.

This World Cup keeps revealing an unusual face. From the beginning, football fans still do not come back, from the elimination of the big favorites to the exploit of the never-winners, while passing by the exploits of small pushes, the world of soccer knew this year a true revolution.

Now, to play a football world cup, you have to count on new countries. They are called Croatia, Belgium, Sweden, Uruguay, England and so on.

In the world of football, many significant advances are noted on the evolution of the game and the show.

Great revelations have emerged in this world tournament and it will continue like this. Young talents, new football countries, new technicians coaches, great referees more microarray glued to the ear etc…

Russia 2018 will mark the spirits. History will remember that it is in Russia that Germany is eliminated for the first time in the first round of a world.

It is in Russia that England signs its comeback at the top of the world after 28 years of scarcity.

That Belgium is also back in force after 32 years in purgatory of the world football.

That the first time since 1986 and just second time since 2006 that the final 4 teams will all be from Europe.

That Croatia finds for the second time the semi-finals after France 98.

That the team of France could have the opportunity to return to the final after the nightmarish Berlin 2006 lost to Italy after a ball Zinedine Zidane in the chest of Matterazzi.

That Russia, far from being among the favorites at the beginning of the tournament made a good impression and released the great Spain of Ramos and Iniesta of the tournament.

That no African countries qualified for the second stage after 1986 world cup in Mexico.

That Sweden has done well and reached the quarters of this 21st hysterical edition until the end after the final lost on June 29, 1958 at the stadium of Ràsunda in Stockholm in front of the Brazil of Pelé.

At the start of this competition, many were betting on Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Portugal. And to a lesser extent France and Belgium. At the finish, all the favorite potentials pass by the trap to leave the explanations of Didier Deschamps’ last square to the blues with his young shoot hoping to win a second world historic title.

But it will first break the lock of the red devils until then the best team of the tournament. Belgium is well off to overhang the football tournament. She has produced beautiful play, show and efficiency with her stars, whose names are Eden Hazard, Lukaku, Mertens, DeBruyens, Wietsel, Kompany, Carassco, Meunier, Courtois and the others.

Anyone who wants to win this World Cup must necessarily go through these devils of the ball.

The 2018 Football World Cup still has its surprises. From the beginning, Croatians and Belgians have always shown beautiful things, seduce, produce games, show in all its forms. It would not be surprising to see them compete in the final of the 2018 World Cup.

Since their only coronation in 1966 at home, the English always dream to return to the hot seat. Their semi-final against Croatia on Wednesday will be important for the country of David Beckam. Gareth Southgate’s team will not skimp on tactical strategies to defeat superbly motivated Croats led by a twirling Lucas Modric the master to play this formation.

The midfielder Real Madrid is the master to play, the control tower of the Vatreni. The Croatian flamboyants can still count on their 32-year-old captain who touches more balloons and passes almost all his passes at 98%.

The square of ace deserves in any case all, their place of semi-finalist in this world cup. Each team showed the potential, the desire to win this tournament. Each team has the means to win this trophy. And whoever wins now, the Russian world will remain historic forever.

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