US economic sanctions hit mostly Iranian women and family life

The US has reinstated sanctions for Iran for two days. This means that numerous criminal measures apply to the Iranian oil sector, banking and shipping. But especially women seem to suffer from the sanctions, even more specifically: their hygiene.

By entering the sanctions, there is a devaluation of the Iranian currency. While a monthly salary was worth about 800 US dollars first, it will now be worth only $160. In addition, there is already a serious shortage of certain products intended for intimate hygiene. Especially Western brands such as ‘Always’ or ‘Kotex’ cannot be found and if they are found, the products are unaffordable.

Although it is probably not the main target group that Trump wants to endorse, women, children and poorer Iranians are at the greatest risk of experiencing the effects of the severe sanctions. “I visited six pharmacists in one day. But I did not find what I was looking for,” Fatemeh, an Iranian woman said. Even in the most prosperous part of the country, all shelves were empty. “The scarcity caused many people to do panic shopping and hamster. Now there is nothing at all about it,” Fatemeh concludes.

Call from the highest leader
Ali Khamenei, Iran’s highest leader, saw the misery from afar and warned the country almost a year ago. He called for mainly products produced in his own country to buy. “And many did,” according to Fatemeh. “Although they did not necessarily agree with his political vision.” But even the local products have become much more expensive. Including the necessary foods such as diapers made with imported raw materials, sanitary napkins, tampons and certain medications seem to be non-existent in the country.

Birth rate
And all that could lead to a lower birth rate. As long as the essential commodities cost a fortune, an average household simply cannot afford the cost of feeding children. Also, experts warn about the long-term effects of US sanctions. “If men cannot take care of their families, in a country that is still very patriarchal, this will lead to severe tensions,” according to an international crisis group.

Academic research that was carried out during the previous sanctions decided time after time that these meant a major humanitarian consequence for the inhabitants. Already, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted that the sanctions do not apply to medication and other medical devices, the research predicts that humanitarian aid will also be sanctioned. The effect is already felt, because Fatemeh did not find a sanitary napkin despite her visit to six pharmacists.

Iranian women

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