US singer modifies pronouns: “I am ‘they’ and ‘them’ from now on”

American singer Halsey (26) has adjusted their pronouns, she shared on social media. From now on she wants to be described as ‘she/them’, instead of ‘she/her’.

Halsey updated their Instagram profile with the words ‘she/they’. In this way, the singer wants to indicate how she wants to be addressed. In English, the gender-neutral ‘they’ is an easy and well-established way to talk about someone whose gender you don’t know or someone who doesn’t want to be described as just one gender.

The fans of the singer are already proud. “Wow, I just saw you changed your pronouns, just like me,” someone writes on Twitter.

“Now you are an even greater example to me.” Or, “I’m glad you are honest about who you are and that you feel comfortable enough to share that with the world.”

Halsey, currently heavily pregnant with a first child, has not yet commented on the choice.

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