Video of babysitter physically abusing 10-month-old baby

At present some couples cannot afford to take care of their children, so they turn to a professional or someone who can support them to protect their children, at least they hope so.

Unfortunately, more and more cases are heard in which nannies were far from taking care of babies, but radically abuse them, neither physically or sexually, because they are beings that cannot defend themselves or denounce what happens to them.

Recently on the social network Weibo, a Chinese site similar to Facebook, a video was shared in which a woman, who was taking care of a baby, shook him and then threw him to the sofa violently, which angered the netizens.

A reporter from Xiaoxiang Morning News contacted the Internet user who posted the video to know the identity of the woman and more information about the case.

The interviewee pointed out that the child is only ten months old and that his parents rented a house in Changsha, a city in Hunan Province, People’s Republic of China, where they invited the companions of the child’s grandmother to help them take care of him.

After seeing the images, the parents denounced the aggressor and shared the video on their social profile, which generated the annoyance of hundreds of Internet users who also wrote to the Changsha Public Security account.

Here we leave the video captured by the parents of the violated baby; the discretion of the reader is suggested:

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  1. Nanny needs endurance and patience when pampering kids. Don’t be upset and rude to baby that knows nothing but to cry

  2. That dirty b***h would never walk out of that house after I would of seen this!!! That poor baby my God (tears). I’d pick her up by her neck and shake the living tar out or her and throw her to the floor!!!! I hope she gets locked up!!!

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