“Wanted to get money from insurance”: husband pushes pregnant wife off a cliff

After the happy selfie, did Hakan Aysal push his pregnant wife off the cliff? A Turkish court is currently considering this thorny question. A suspicious accident insurance policy that was taken out just before is already raising eyebrows. 400,000 Turkish lira (approx. $57,189) came his way that way.

The facts took place almost three years ago during a holiday in Mugla. The couple had climbed to the top of a mountain and looked happy in pictures. Moments later, however, Semra Aysal would fall down. An unfortunate fall or was there something more to it?

The Public Prosecution Service is already convinced of Aysal’s guilt. “It was not an accident but a carefully planned murder. It was always his intention to cash in the money from the insurance,” he says.

Ideal moment

It is indeed striking that Semra had just taken out personal accident insurance. Hakan was mentioned as the only beneficiary, so the 400,000 Turkish lira would go entirely to him.

The couple also reportedly stayed on the cliff for three hours. “He was probably waiting for the ideal moment to strike. Only when no one was around could he give the fatal push,” is the reasoning.

He wasn’t even sad

The victim’s brother also made an incriminating statement in court via video link. “We were in the car together to collect her body from the forensic institute. Everyone was devastated, but Hakan didn’t even seem to be upset. My sister always opposed loans, but suddenly it turned out that he had taken out three in her name. And Semra was afraid of heights, so why did she need insurance that covers extreme sports?”

Sudden scream heard

Hakan comes out of the blue when he learns about those special conditions. “I never really looked at the document in question. The banker drew up that paper, I only took it to my wife for her signature.”

He also explained a little more about the circumstances of her death. “My wife asked me to take the phone out of her bag. When I went to get the cell phone, I suddenly heard a scream behind me. I turned, and she was no longer there. I didn’t push her.”

It is not clear when the final verdict in this case may be expected.

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