To change the color of her eyes, the worst happens

Nadinne Bruna, an Instagram model, 32, lost 80% of her vision in the right eye and 50% in the left eye. What could be the cause?

The cause, not appreciating the color of her eyes, Nadinne Bruna went to Colombia for eye surgery, which cost her 3 thousand dollars.

Metro reports that the young woman, who was unaware of the dangers of this operation, began to have severe problems after the surgery, which consisted of making her silicone iris implants changing.

“Before this operation, my eyes were in good condition, and I was so naive. After the surgery, I started to have blurred vision. For about a year, my eyes were constantly red and itchy. My pupils can no longer support the light, so I am very photosensitive,” she explained.

She continues: “This surgery has completely ruined my life in the air.” “After this operation, I entered a deep depression,” Nadinne Bruna expressed how she felt. Though she believed in herself, “I am a very strong person, generally courageous and very intelligent,” it sounded.

Nadinne accepted her mistakes, but with that, she referred to herself as being “foolish” and “I trusted the wrong person. “Now I have the vision of a 90-year-old lady, but I hope I can keep my glaucoma under control,” she concluded.

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