“We have defeated IS”: Trump orders US troops to withdraw from Syria

The United States is preparing according to American media for the withdrawal of their troops from Syria. For the time being, they are fighting together with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) against the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS). According to the media, including the Wall Street Journal and the CNN channel that reported the news.

The American troops do not seem to be aware of themselves as they shared a statement today in which they write that they are continuing the fight against IS. The decision to withdraw US troops comes from President Trump. Who thinks that the goal has been reached: IS was eliminated. He shared that via Twitter. “We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason to be there during the Trump presidency.”

Currently there are about 2,000 troops on the spot. Together with SDF, they are about to completely recapture the last IS-stronghold in the town of Hajin on the Euphrates. The withdrawal of the American troops would already make Syrian President Assad happy. After all, the influence and interference of the US would shrink. The troops remain present in Iraq, so they can still intervene in Syria, but only if that is essential.

“US Army continues battle”

The message from Trump is diametrically opposed to the press release that the US military issued today. In it, they explain that they are continuing the fight against IS to guarantee peace and stability in Syria and to protect the homeland against the terrorist threat.

Allies informed

According to the Wall Street Journal, allies in the region have already been informed of the decision. For example, Trump had a telephone conversation last week with the Turkish president Erdogan with whom he discussed the withdrawal of American troops.

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