‘We helped US after 9/11’: Canadian Governors furious over Trump’s ban on mouth mask

Some Canadian provincial governors do not like Trump’s ban on the export of surgical mouth masks. ‘We help American citizens after 9/11,’ it sounds deeply disappointing. Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, tries to appease him and says he will talk to the American president.

The rest of the world, including African countries, also looking for medical mouth masks in the fight against the coronavirus. American president Donald Trump has banned the export of N95 respirators to Canada, much to the anger of some “premier” of Canadian provinces. Dwight Ball, governor of the Newfoundland province, has been shot very severely.

Newfoundland captured more than 6,600 stranded American passengers after the 2001 terror attacks when more than 200 flights were diverted to Canada. The village of Gander, with only 10,000 inhabitants, showed solidarity in 2001. The Canadian army flew over 5,000 beds, and residents took care of the Americans.

The Prime Minister of Newfoundland, Dwight Ball.
©AP – The Prime Minister of Newfoundland, Dwight Ball.

Ball referred to that and expressed his deep disappointment. “To say that I’m infuriated by the recent actions of President Trump is an understatement,” said Ball. He cannot believe that in the current crisis period, Trump does not want to be human and refuses medical assistance to neighboring Canada. “Newfoundland and Labrador will never give up on humanity. We would not hesitate for one second if we had to repeat what we did on 9/11. We would do it again,” Ball stressed.

No retaliatory measures

Ontario provincial prime minister Doug Ford compared Trump’s “unacceptable” attitude to a family member who continues to enjoy the feast while another family member is starving.

Yet another provincial governor, Jason Kenney of Alberta Province, recalled the period of 1939-1940 when Canada was already fighting fascism, while the US took a wait and see approach in the early years.

Former Mayor of Gander, Claude Elliott, understood the dramatic situation in New York, but added that “we’re fighting an enemy that is just not one state, it’s the whole world.” “And when we come to those times of tragedy in our life, we need everybody helping each other,” said Elliott.

The country’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, remains diplomatic. He believes that Canada will still be able to source N95 surgical masks from the Americans. He will personally contact Trump for this. Trudeau pointed out that Canada also exports a lot of material to the US, such as parts for surgical masks, test kits, and gloves. Besides, Canadian nurses are working in the US. Trudeau is not considering retaliation against the US. “We’ll figure it out,” he reassured.

AP, ABC news
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