What a man silently expects from a woman

A loving man is ready for a lot for the sake of a woman. Sometimes he silently waits for her to show in relation to him the support and love that he needs.

Despite the seriousness and some coldness, men sometimes feel very insecure. In such situations, they need the support of their soul mate.

Men expect four things from his woman, and he may not even speak about it aloud!


It is very easy to be grateful, but for some reason, we rarely say such essential words to loved ones. Psychologists assure that the man becomes more efficient and self-confident if you constantly thank him.

Did your loved one brew you a cup of coffee or give you flowers? Do not forget to thank him, accompanying your words with a hug and a smile!

Opportunity to speak out sometimes

Women often need the opportunity to pour out their souls to someone. Nevertheless, even a man sometimes needs to speak out and tell about everything that he has accumulated inside himself. It’s just vital that the girl could and wanted to listen to him.

Try to pay attention

to your partner, be interested in his problems and participate in the dialogue. Be more attentive to what the man says, even if you don’t know how to give him any valuable advice. For a loved one, the very fact of your participation in his life and a genuine interest in his affairs are very important.


Remember that wanting to remake your partner and mould him into someone who suits you best is not the best idea, since in this case, both people suffer from the resulting discomfort.

If you have chosen a particular man, does it mean that he has many positive qualities? It’s time to remember them and praise them for each of his talents! If your spouse or boyfriend is a good cook, earns good money, or knows how to handle a drill, tell him that he is excellent and that you are very proud of him.

Words about love

Yes, men also need warm words and confessions. Some girls are so immersed in problems and everyday affairs and worries that they do not even realize whether they still love their man or not.

It’s time to remember how often you confessed your love at the very beginning of the relationship. These words can improve relationships between partners and make them stronger, so it’s time to bring them back into your life.

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