What causes stretch marks? Myths and truths

Stretch marks are not a new problem, but it still raises many questions. Why do stretch marks appear on the skin? How to get rid of them? How to prevent their appearance? But don’t worry too much. The problem of stretch marks is not as bad as it seems. Today you can be offered cosmetics, hardware techniques, and plastic surgery.

The most important thing is to detect the problem in time and start immediate treatment at the initial stage of their occurrence to not come to the last. The primary reason for stretch marks’ appearance is a violation of the hormonal background with a sharp decrease or increase in body weight. But there are several other provoking factors. But first things first.

What causes stretch marks? Myths and truths
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What causes stretch marks?

Stretch marks can form due to the stretching of the skin. Also, the cause can be the consequences of wound healing, microtrauma, and scarring of sutures after surgery. It is worth considering the main reasons in more detail.

Stretch marks in men (on the lower back, sides, buttocks, thighs, armpits, and forearms). The reasons:

  • Horizontal stretch marks on the sides, lower back, and hips are caused by excessive physical exertion, drastic weight loss, or weight gain.
  • The defect can occur due to hormonal changes or disorders of the pancreas.

Stretch marks in women (can form in almost any area of the body). The reasons:

  1. Pregnancy: During this period, the skin stretch in the chest and abdomen.
  2. Obesity: The rapid increase in weight dramatically stretches the skin.
  3. Diabetes: Due to cracking and drying out of the skin.
  4. Endocrine diseases and diseases of the pancreas: The body emits large amounts of cortisol, which weakens the skin’s connective tissue.
  5. Dramatic weight loss.
  6. Long-term use of drugs of the glucocorticoid group leads to obesity, therefore, to stretch marks.
  7. Heredity.
  8. Slimming.
What causes stretch marks? Myths and truths

Stretch marks in adolescents (formed all over the body). The reasons:

  • Obesity.
  • Hormonal disbalance.
  • Weight loss or rapid weight gain.
  • Enhanced growth: When the skin does not have time to grow behind the body and muscle mass.
  • Stretch marks on the back of a teenager may indicate problems with internal organs.

Stretch marks in children. The reasons:

  1. Hormonal disbalance;
  2. Obesity;
  3. Weight loss or rapid weight gain;
  4. Enhanced growth;
  5. Improper nutrition;
  6. Sedentary lifestyle;
  7. Excessive physical activity;

What causes hormonal stretch marks?

Hormonal striae most often appear during pregnancy and also during puberty. During this period, the balance of hormones is disturbed, due to which the skin tissues become thinner. It would assist if you see a doctor, get tested, and start taking medications that can normalize hormonal levels.

What causes stretch marks during pregnancy?

What causes stretch marks? Myths and truths

Pregnancy is a beautiful moment in a woman’s life, but skin defects can darken this period. As the fetus grows and develops, the expectant mother’s belly grows, extra pounds appear, the skin is stretched, lack of moisture, its elasticity is lost, and then scars appear.

What causes stretch marks on the face?

Stretch marks on the face can form due to mechanical damage to the skin or an improvement in the hormone progesterone, which slows down the production of much-needed elastin. Stretch marks on the face can also form due to weight loss.

Features of stretch marks:

Pink striae: Formed at the very beginning, after rupturing of skin fibers. The scars are still very fresh and close to the surface of the skin.

Purple striae: They become so after the stretched tissue is no longer so fresh, but there is still a chance to quickly and easily get rid of the defect.

Blue striae: They acquire this shade in 4-5 months. In this case, creams will no longer help.

White striae: Old scars become entirely whitish and lose pigment. Such stretch marks are about eight months or more. They are no longer amenable to cosmetic treatment and require at least laser resurfacing.

Options for getting rid of stretch marks:

  • Surgical;
  • Cosmetic;
  • Drugs from the pharmacy.

It is worth choosing a method of treatment depending on the color of the stretch marks. You should contact a surgeon only when all other options have not helped and your stretch marks are more than eight months old.

It is still better to consult a beautician first. Modern hardware procedures and professional tools have proven their effectiveness many times.


Home treatment should address first. Today, on the racks of pharmacies and cosmetic stores, a large selection of drugs quickly rid the body of stretch marks. But only if they are pink or purple. These products contain amino acids, essential oils, collagen, vitamins, and minerals.

What procedures can use to get rid of stretch marks?

It is impossible to get rid of old stretch marks quickly. Especially on the back and stomach.

But in addition to special ointments, gels, and lotions, cosmetology will be able to offer you mesotherapy and laser resurfacing.

The essence of mesotherapy is to inject a special apparatus into the stretch marks area. It improves the local metabolism. Several procedures are required.

Laser resurfacing allows you to achieve results after one session. However, this method is more painful and costly.

Preventive measures:

  1. Try to do physical exercises that strengthen the muscles in your body.
  2. Do a contrast shower often and pour cold water on your body.
  3. Give a light hand massage in different areas.
  4. Use moisturizers and gels that improve the elasticity of the skin.
  5. Don’t forget about the wraps. Contact them at least once a week.
  6. Wear quality underwear.
  7. Try to eat a balanced diet. It will avoid hormonal problems.
  8. Don’t overeat or starve if you don’t want to stretch your skin.

Note* Always consult your doctor or other qualified health care professional for any questions you may have about your health or condition. Never disregard a health care professional’s advice or delay getting it because of what you read on this website.
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