What does the pyramid with an eye symbolize?

One of the most perplexing symbols is the pyramid with an eye portrayed on it. It may be found in both ancient Egyptian and more recent sources. The sign’s lengthy history demonstrates that an antique artisan did not simply create it.

Two versions of the pyramid with an eye may be discovered. A pyramid with an eye on one of its sides is the traditional Egyptian rendition. The second form, in which the top of the pyramid hangs over the truncated pyramid on which the eye is set, became more renowned. We can discern a profound symbolic significance in this scheme: the top is divided from the base, and the all-seeing eye is present on it. The theme that dominates this picture is that the little top section dominates the entire.

The meaning of the pyramid with an eye is obvious, but where did it originate from, and why is it still used today? The emblem of the all-seeing eye contained in a triangle is known among the Freemasons as the “Radiant Delta”.

Freemasons are said to have taken this sign from Christianity, where the triangle represents the Trinity, and the eye represents Providence’s all-seeing eye. But this emblem existed long before Christians; in Egypt, it was known as the “Eye of Horus” (Horus, Ra). Despite the shift in civilizations, the sign’s significance as an all-seeing heavenly eye has remained intact.

The existence of the eye in the triangle on the same one-dollar U.S. note may be seen as a sign of the Freemasons, but the situation is more convoluted. The “Radiant Delta” – the eye in the tri angle – and the all-seeing eye above the truncated pyramid have a clear distinction.

As a result, the second sign is often connected with the Order of the Illuminati, one of the most enigmatic and mysterious organizations. Its adherents refer to the eye in the triangle as the “Omniscient Eye” or the “Gnostic Eye of Lucifer.” The emblem itself is tied to the Globe Government, a group of very powerful individuals who covertly govern the world and choose its course.

The depiction of the pyramid on the one-dollar note in the United States is proof of this. The inscription MDCCLXXVI, which in Roman form signifies 1776, may be seen at its base. The Order of the Illuminati was established in this year (also the year of the recognition of U.S. independence).

The number of tiers in the pyramid is an intriguing symbolism. There are precisely 13 layers up to the cut-off top, which represents 13 times 13 years. That’s 169 years, or from 1776 to 1945, when the Illuminati were plotting to seize control. The “Second Era” begins after the gap between the truncated pyramid and its higher apex. It’s two times 13 years or 26 years.

1945 marked the start of the period, while 1975 marked the conclusion. Finally, the “Third Era” is named after the high top of the pyramid with the eye represented on it, and it lasts 39 years, or three times 13. It came to an end in 2010.

pyramid with an eye - Novus ordo seclorum
Pyramid with an eye – Novus ordo seclorum

After this day, the Illuminati’s dominance will be complete, and no one in the world will be able to question the New World Order they have constructed. On the identical one-dollar note of the United States, this line – Novus ordo seclorum – is written underneath the pyramid.

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