What you need to know about Illuminati

Many have heard of the Illuminati, but few know who they really are. Wikipedia gives the following definition of the Illuminati: these are occult-philosophical associations, organizations that secretly participate in the process of managing world political processes, and that influence the course of history. At the same time, according to some historians, a person who, in one of his life manifestations, was an Illuminati, must atone for sins for those crimes that he committed while being an Illuminati throughout all subsequent lives.

Scientists also argue that this secret organization has existed for two thousand years, while often changing its name so as not to attract too much attention from people and confuse the tracks. None of those who were Illuminati spoke openly about this, because death was threatened for this. All the Illuminati valued their own lives very much, even though they knew about the many incarnations. To get the latest stories, install our app here.

The conscience of each Illuminati was blocked by the main dominant, put into the head by the mentor. The Illuminati received special training after a preliminary selection. The level of training was determined by the degree of initiation into the secrets of the secret earthly government. Only seven Illuminati had the highest degree of initiation. Even before birth, a woman was selected for them, who was to become their mother. In the ranks of the Illuminati with a lesser degree of dedication, especially gifted children with well-developed mental activity and a complete lack of conscience were selected.

All the Illuminati know who they are, they know what they are supposed to do, and they clearly carry out their tasks. For refusal to comply with the Order – death. All the Illuminati were convinced of their chosenness and exclusivity. They created the rules for the people, secretly controlled, and still manage the governments of many countries.

What you need to know about Illuminati

At the same time, sources of funding and information are hidden from the public. Their secret orders cause crises and armed conflicts in the world. For members of this secret society, a sense of respect is alien, they want to dominate other people.

The Illuminati do not trust anyone, they are cold, smart, prudent, insensitive, and heartless towards people. They use talented people in the field of activity they need, providing good material conditions and high salaries.

There are also conspiracy theorists who are sure that the history of the Illuminati order began about 6 thousand years ago. Their belief is based on the Masonic legend, which says that around those ancient times, either otherworldly or extraterrestrial forces gave the Sumerian civilization the so-called Book of Power, written on stone. Later, the Egyptians copied it on papyri, and strictly guarded it against prying eyes.

There is another version, according to which the Illuminati appeared in the Middle Ages. Then the Order was a secret educational society of scientists who fought against the persecution of the Inquisition. This theory classifies such world-famous scientists as Leonardo da Vinci, Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Issac Newton. In particular, the French journalist Etienne Cassé speaks about this in his book Falsified History. The author also says that a similar secret order of scientists who protected secret knowledge from the common people existed in the ancient period, and among its participants, there were many famous ancient Greek scientists.

Scientists also say that there was another society in the world, which in its functions was close to the Illuminati. We are talking about the so-called society of Philadelphia. It was first heard about at the beginning of the 14th century. It appeared in France, and Guillard de Cressonessart became the head of the Philadelphia, proclaiming himself an angel of the Philadelphia church (that is what is being referred to in the Apocalypse). Cressonessar was declared a heretic in 1310 and imprisoned. A few centuries later, in the 17th century, Philadelphia reappeared in England, they soon migrated to France, where one of the Masonic lodges that existed there appropriated the name Philadelphia.

What you need to know about Illuminati

However, some scientists are sure that the secret society of the Illuminati was organized in the second half of the 18th century by a scientist from the University of Ingolstadt, which is located in Bavaria, Professor Adam Weishaupt. At least, it was then, in May 1776, that the Illuminati came out into the open. Then the first neophytes were accepted into the Order. Initially, the society had only five people, but a few years later it already had four branches in various Bavarian cities. In 1782, the number of the Order was 300 people, and a few years later, it reached 650 people. Until that time, the Order had representations not only in Bavaria, but also in Austria-Hungary, Poland, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, and Russia.

Among the supreme leadership of the Order, sonorous pseudonyms were very popular, among which were Spartak (Weishaupt), Philo (Baron Krigge), Pythagoras (Professor Westenrieder), Lucian (Nikola the bookseller), Marius (Canon Hertel), Cato (solicitor Zwakk). It should be noted that the management preferred to work with a different contingent of people. So, if the founder of the Order chose talented people from among the students as members of the society, then Baron Krigge wanted to see only the most famous, noble, and learned people in the society. Thus, the group of Bavarian Illuminati included the Dukes Karl August of Weimar, Ernest II of Gotha, Ferdinand of Brunswick, many Göttingen professors, including Pestalozzi, Prince Neuvid.

The number of the Order of the Illuminati eventually reached two thousand people.

The activities of the Bavarian Illuminati continued until 1784-1786, then the Order was defeated. Then the decree of the elector appeared, according to which the activities of all secret societies and organizations were prohibited. The Illuminati and Freemasons were forced to close their temples. Meanwhile, the police began to conduct searches in the homes of the leaders of these societies, and found a lot of interesting documents. In particular, it was then established that the Order was financed by the Rothschild clan (secretly, of course).

It should be noted that such a rapid spread of the influence of the Illuminati order was based not only on the charisma and personal qualities and abilities of Weishaupt and Krigge. Most likely, the soil was very well prepared for this influence. And here, all the most interesting and even incredible begins.

According to some scientists, the top of the Illuminati society was not people at all, but reptilian aliens who were able to take on human form…

If we turn to the meaning of the word “Illuminati”, then in Latin it means “enlightened”. This secret society, judging by some reports, exists in our time. And it is hidden under the sign of an elite club of oligarchs, secretly intertwined with each other by financial ties. All these oligarchs are distributed along with a clear hierarchical ladder and control power, being, in fact, puppeteers in all the most significant areas of political and economic life. Members of this club occupy the highest positions, they are very rich and consider themselves above the law. And lately, they have been calling their organization none other than the Victorious Wind of Moraya.

Most of them are among the richest families in the world, and it is they who rule the world from the shadows. This is the so-called “black nobility”, people who make decisions, write the rules for rulers and governments. Their pedigree includes many generations, going far back centuries and even millennia.

At the same time, it is especially important for them to preserve the purity of blood from generation to generation. The power of these people is based not only on economic power, but also on secret knowledge. The Illuminati own the world banks, the oil business, the most powerful trade organizations, and industries.

What you need to know about Illuminati

The list of the thirteen most powerful Illuminati of our time includes the Bundy, Astor, Collins, Freeman, DuPont, Lee, Kennedy, Onassis, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Van Duyne, Russell, and Merovingian families (by this name all the European royal families are meant). Several other families are closely associated with these people, in particular, Disney, Reynolds, Mac Donald, and Croup.

The ultimate goal of the Illuminati is to create a One World Order and One World Government. This goal brings the Illuminati very close to the influential American-British secret society, The Committee of 300, which appears to be part of the larger Illuminati system.

And finally, do not forget that the Illuminati, over the centuries, created subsidiaries and secret organizations, and in addition, political currents. To get the latest stories, install our app here.

Therefore, it is not surprising that they were able to repeatedly change power in various states of the world, pit people in wars, extract huge profits from all this and approach their goal.

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