What every man should do before building a serious relationship

A serious and happy relationship requires a foundation, and you need to prepare for its creation in advance.

Experts recommend taking three important steps before you start building a serious relationship. After their implementation, it will be easier to get along with your beloved and create a harmonious union.

Understanding the desired image of the companion

The likelihood of meeting a companion who would ideally fit your wishes is small. You need to understand what real traits of character and appearance you would like to see in your beloved. Separate the real portrait from the fantastic.

Define acceptable limits

After meeting a potential sweetheart, analyze how she meets your expectations. Don’t be afraid to ask her tactfully questions that interest you. Think about what actions would be unacceptable for you and what her shortcomings you could put up with and accept them. Set boundaries for yourself so that her actions do not make you unhappy in the future.

Decide what exactly you want from the relationship

The stereotypes that it is imperative to get married and have children as soon as possible are becoming a thing of the past. Now everyone has the right to build their expectations from the relationship. Decide what you would like.

There are many models of relationships between a man and a woman. But their essence boils down to being with a person who shares your views on life, values, and aspirations.

Happy couples – myth or reality?

How many couples do you know who have lived happily together for over 10 years? It often turns out that more acquaintances have not built a long-term relationship in a person’s environment and have changed partners or are still in search of a soul mate. This can happen due to overstated criteria, selfishness in relationships, disagreements, and unwillingness to seek compromises and give in.

However, a long-term and harmonious relationship is not a myth. They testify that a man and a woman, even before the start of the relationship, knew what they wanted from them, set realistic goals, and determined the boundaries for themselves, which we talked about above. But that’s not all. Behind a good relationship are the hard work and effort of a woman and a man.

It is important to be able to hear and listen to each other, respect, be able to yield, and find compromises. Choleric people need to learn to restrain their violent temper, and phlegmatic people need to be more responsive and attentive. Sanguine people should try to control sudden mood changes and be tolerant of more important matters to their beloved. Injured melancholic people should not take to heart the minor misdeeds of a loved one.

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