What happened to the brains of President Kennedy and Einstein after they left?

In the history of mankind, many famous and brilliant people were able to leave a memory of themselves for centuries. However, each person comes to the line of death sooner or later. And fanatics and scientists are trying to uncover their carefully hidden secrets.

We are talking about the 35th US President John F. Kennedy and the famous physicist Albert Einstein. It turns out that they tried to study the brains of these unique personalities. In the first case, to find the real killers. In the second – to find the place where the intellect is located. This idea failed, and did not give answers to society’s questions of interest.

How Kennedy died and what his autopsy showed

It is known that the 35th President of the United States was John Fitzgerald Kennedy. He managed to stay in power for only 2 years (from 1961 to 1963). And all because he was killed in front of people. It happened in the late fall of 1963, when Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline were driving down Elm Street in the presidential motorcade.

An autopsy revealed that Kennedy had been shot from above and below
An autopsy revealed that Kennedy had been shot from above and below.

Suddenly, an unexpected shot from a rifle predetermined everything. The bullet hit the President’s head, literally tearing off part of the skull. Kennedy died half an hour after the incident without regaining consciousness. There were many mysteries and omissions surrounding the death of the 35th President of the United States.

According to the official version, Lee Harvey Oswald, who was then 24 years old, is considered the Kennedy assassin. However, not only is there no direct evidence of this, but many of the facts in the case contradict each other.

Since the death of the President, many investigations have been conducted in order to find the true killer. There were many versions. One of them is very curious among historians. It turns out that 30 days before his assassination, the President tried to bypass the Fed (Federal Reserve System) and deprive it of the dollar monopoly. As a result, the US Treasury could issue banknotes in order to increase finance in the country. Apparently, the bankers did not want to leave this game, losing their considerable profit.

Since the bullet had smashed part of the head, it could have lodged in the brain. The autopsy of the body and the removal of the brain could clarify a lot. For example, what bullet and from which side the shot was fired. He was taken to Bethesda Hospital, Maryland. An autopsy showed that the President was shot twice (from below and from above). The extracted brain was in a special container. In the secret documents on this case, there is a mention that no more than half of Kennedy’s brain was left. For its storage, a special room was allocated at the National Archives of the United States. But the brain has never been fully explored. He disappeared without a trace, like other evidence of the assassination of the American President.

What we learned from examining Kennedy’s brain

About the loss learned almost 10 years after his death. And it all started with a certain forensic pathologist Cyril Vecht, who was supposed to continue the study of the brain of the murdered President. Experts suggest that the theft took place in order to mask all traces leading to the real killer (a group of killers) and to exclude exposure of the century.

The first person to fall under suspicion was his brother Robert. Interestingly, from 1961 to 1964, he was the US Attorney General. He not only oversaw the investigation into the assassination of John F. Kennedy but also later allegedly tried to find the missing brain of the assassinated President.

According to archival documents, it was Robert Kennedy who took the container where his older brother’s brain was stored. More precisely, at the direction of the latter, his personal secretary Angela Novello did it. Robert called Lincoln’s Brother’s assistant and asked that everything be prepared and that the container be handed over. Since then, no one has seen it. This incident was learned later when they wanted to resume the study. When Vecht made a request to the US National Archives, it turned out that all the remains of the body and evidence had long been missing. As a result, the National Archives handed over all materials to the family of the deceased, as it is their property.

Kennedy's brain was placed in a special container and taken by Robert Kennedy's personal secretary, Angela Novello
Kennedy’s brain was placed in a special container and taken by Robert Kennedy’s personal secretary, Angela Novello

Some experts believe that Kennedy’s brain was taken not only to hide what really happened on that fateful day in November 1963. It turned out that after his death, it became known that the 35th President of the United States had a whole bunch of diseases, being quite young. At the time of his death, he was only 46 years old. In the last 10 years alone, John F. Kennedy has taken many drugs to maintain a normal state of health. This fact was carefully hidden from the public. After all, the Americans saw a young and energetic president in front of them. This image should be maintained. Today there is no clear information about where they disappeared and what happened to the brain of John F. Kennedy, and the evidence of his assassination. So far, only some assumptions.

What Einstein died from and what happened next with his brain

Albert Einstein was a talented scientist and physicist living in Germany. He became famous for his inventions. For example, Brownian motion and the theory of relativity, as well as much more. For his achievements in physics, he managed to receive the Nobel Prize. Einstein was considered a genius and was immensely popular. It is known that in mid-April 1955, the scientist was admitted to the hospital.

Albert Einstein was a brilliant German physicist who made many important discoveries
Albert Einstein was a brilliant German physicist who made many important discoveries

Strange, but Einstein practically refused medical assistance, saying that he felt the approach of death and wanted to die peacefully. He knew that his time had come. The cause of his death was a ruptured aneurysm. He died on the same day. He had no chance of surviving in such a state.

It is interesting that the scientist left a will knowing about his death. It was indicated there that his body, including the brilliant brain, should be cremated and the ashes scattered. This procedure should not be official, but carried out in secret from society. Apparently, Einstein assumed that there would be many who would want to study his remains, especially the brain.

However, an unforeseen event occurred. It became known that the brain of the deceased scientist was stolen by the pathologist Thomas Harvey, who opened the body. He wanted to investigate this organ and reveal to the public the secrets of Einstein’s genius.

Despite the will of the scientist himself, his son Hans Albert was not opposed to the brain of his brilliant father being carefully examined. Harvey divided the organ into 250 parts and kept them in several jars filled with a special liquid called celloidin. All this stood in the basement of his house among other conservation. As terrifying as it sounds, Harvey cut the brain of a genius into so many pieces for a reason. He wanted to send parts to anyone who wanted to take part in the study.

Einstein’s Brain Secrets

Probably, Harvey was just a fanatic and wanted, like others, to reveal the secrets of the scientist’s genius. And in 1985, he and other researchers presented the results of the work done. It became a real sensation for many. The published material said that Einstein’s brain is the same as that of many other people. He never managed to find evidence of the genius of the famous scientist. The reaction of world luminaries was not long in coming.

Einstein's brain was cut into 250 pieces and stored in a jar in the basement
Einstein’s brain was cut into 250 pieces and stored in a jar in the basement

They stated that it was impossible to calculate the degree of intelligence by examining only the anatomy of the brain. Perhaps in the future, having re-examined the brain of a scientist, it will be possible to understand where the intellect can be in general in a person. Some scientists have questioned the studies. The fact is that Einstein’s brain lay in a jar of preservative liquid for about 30 years. Under such conditions and for such a long time, many cells of the organ could simply die. Even after a while, scientists have not been able to find signs of genius and intelligence in Einstein’s brain.

Before his death in 2007, former pathologist Thomas Harvey bequeathed pieces of the physicist’s brain to the National Museum of Medicine and Health. After that, attempts were again made to explore the organ of a genius, but no one has been able to find something unique so far, or something that indicates his special intelligence.

Perhaps the intellect, like the human soul, is something weightless and invisible to the human eye. Those who left this world will always remain in the memory of people. Many interesting personalities are known, who also have their own secrets.

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