What time is it according to the doomsday clock? 2 for 12

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has left the hands of the notorious Doomsday Clock unchanged at two minutes to twelve. The clock symbolically indicates how close the world is to an apocalyptic end.

Every year in January, the scientists move the hands of the Doomsday Clock. This year it was decided to leave the clock at two to twelve, just like last year. According to the scientists, this situation indicates “the new abnormal”, where the danger of a nuclear catastrophe remains extremely high. The organization expressed its fear of a nuclear war during a press conference. Concerns about climate change, a factor that has been included in the calculations since 2007, also contribute to the major global threat, according to the scientists.


“We are almost like travellers on the Titanic, who do not see the iceberg but enjoy the food and the music”, said Jerry Brown, the former governor of the American state of California, in revealing the clock.


Also, in 1953 the Doomsday Clock stood at two to twelve, after both the US and the Soviet Union had performed tests with the hydrogen bomb (the H-bomb).

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