What to know of Kayleigh McEnany, Trump’s new spokeswoman

Young, blonde, pretty, and sensible. Donald Trump incorporated 32-year-old Kayleigh McEnany as a striking new spokeswoman. At her first press conference, she promised never to lie to the journalists. Moments later, she claimed that Trump was “always telling the truth” about the allegations of sexual abuse against him. Who is this intriguing lady?

Kayleigh McEnany is 32 and also graduated from the renowned Harvard Law School. When Trump was running for a presidential candidate in 2015, she called him a “showman”. “I don’t think he’s a serious candidate,” she announced.

Kayleigh continues that “he’s a side attraction.” She also said at the time that it was “unfortunate” and “not authentic” to label Trump as a Republican. In politics, there is no permanent enemy, and Trump has become the favorite: Old things have passed away.

Moments later, she became a Trump adept. She is now a dog-loyal assistant to the Republican President and the fourth spokeswoman for Donald Trump since becoming President of the United States 3.5 years ago. “I’m consistently with him to take in his thoughts. It is my mission to convey the President’s thinking to you and present the facts,” McEnany said.

Who to know of Kayleigh McEnany, Trump’s new spokeswoman

At her first press conference on May 1 – the first, by the way, of a Trump spokesperson in more than 400 days – she told the media, “I will never lie to you, I promise.”

McEnany left CNN in 2017 and, under the name Trump TV, went to present a news block about the President’s achievements from the Trump Tower in New York. “Thank you for watching us, everyone. I’m Kayleigh McEnany… and that’s the real news,” she said after the first broadcast.

An apparent reference to Trump’s idea-fixe about the fake news he believes traditional media brings. Critics were quick to talk about Trump’s “propaganda”.

After that, Kayleigh McEnany became a spokeswoman for Trumps’ campaign for this year’s presidential election. But she then accepted the job of White House spokeswoman at the beginning of April, which she believes marks a new period of transparency with the media.

Who to know of Kayleigh McEnany, Trump’s new spokeswoman
©AP -Kayleigh McEnany

A “lofty goal,” the New York Times called it. “Trump has shown that the task of communicating is almost impossible for him and that in his attempt to get re-elected, undermining the credibility of news media is central,” the authoritative newspaper explained.

To say the least, Kayleigh McEnany’s relationship with the media has not always been optimal. When Trump took a firm stand on his suggestion that bleach could drive the coronavirus out of humans, McEnany stated, “We leave it to the media to irresponsibly take President Trump out of context to publish negative headlines.”

She reprimanded a reporter on Twitter last month for referring to the U.S. head of state as “Trump.” “For you, it is President Trump,” she sneered.

When Trump said in the summer of 2017 about the deadly riots in Charlottesville that “all sides” were at fault and so refused to point the finger at far-right groups, McEnany called the President’s message one of “love and inclusivity”.

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