What would be valuable in a post-apocalyptic world

In books, films and games about the post-apocalypse, we are often shown the attitude of surviving people to previously valuable things. Banknotes for them become kindling paper, gold is just a bright object that helps to figure out a person in sunny weather easily, and coins are just a handful of unnecessary iron.

If an apocalypse happens – whether it be a nuclear war, a pandemic, a zombie invasion, a meteorite or a supervolcano eruption – money and cryptocurrencies will lose their value. They will be replaced by things valued much more expensive than a kilogram gold bar.

8 things that would be valuable in a post-apocalyptic world

1. Candles

Man’s fear of the dark is inherent in him by nature because the darkness is the unknown, from which a dangerous predator can emerge at any moment. Considering that most of the infrastructure will be destroyed or unusable after the apocalypse, long-proven lighting technologies will be used – simple wax or paraffin candles.

They will become one of the main currencies for barter. Candles are lightweight; they can be carried in large quantities to exchange for expensive goods, divided to buy cheap ones. In addition, they are durable and can be stored even in high humidity. But most importantly, they can be used to illuminate the room, which is one of the most important advantages in scenarios where people are forced to go underground. To get the latest stories, install our app here

2. Shoes

Remember how uncomfortable you feel when you are forced to wear uncomfortable or inappropriate shoes – and this is on more or less smooth roads. In an apocalypse, shoes will become one of the main valuables because people will have to move among industrial ruins through dangerous terrain full of sharp objects and toxic substances.

Good shoes will become a status symbol and be available to gang leaders or skilled marauders. Off-road military footwear will be most valued, but rubber boots and genuine leather boots will also become popular. If necessary, it will be possible to exchange a pair of good boots for water, food and a roof over your head.

3. Slaves

Alas, the collapse of civilization will throw humanity back hundreds, maybe thousands of years, bringing back many unpleasant things that we have already forgotten about thanks to the development of social institutions. This includes the return of slavery. Only strong young guys and girls will be a valuable resource. The former will engage in heavy physical labour, while the latter will most likely become living s3x dolls. To get the latest stories, install our app here

It is unlikely that many will be concerned about the ethical side of this phenomenon because most of the survivors will understand the simple truth: either they – or we. It is much better to send an enslaved person to clear the rubble in search of valuable resources than to go into a room contaminated with radiation or filled with a horde of zombies yourself. So the real post-apocalypse will be different from what is shown in Hollywood films.

4. Books

When the apocalypse happens, all servers will crash. This means that digital knowledge will disappear, and only printed sources will remain. Given that the technology of paper production is known to a small number of people, and society will constantly degrade, losing knowledge, the only way to get information will be by reading books.

Encyclopedias, technical manuals, and philosophical and religious treatizes will become the main currency. Books on medical topics, work on electricity, construction and assembly of devices will make a person truly rich in a post-apocalyptic society.

5. Alcohol

The most famous powerful drunks and alcoholics in history

At all times, alcohol has been a currency of exchange. You can change anything literally to it. In the post-apocalyptic world, alcoho

l will become an even more significant currency because it performs two very important functions: relaxing and disinfecting. It is not necessary to offer exquisite varieties of red wine aged 50 years – it is enough to drive a more or less tolerable product with a high degree and thereby ensure a comfortable life.

The price of alcohol will rise steadily as stocks of antiseptics and antibiotics decrease. When the medication runs out, alcohol treatment will be the only way to keep a small scratch from killing a person. To get the latest stories, install our app here

6. Piercing and cutting weapons

Knives, axes, saws and other sharp objects will become the main tool in man’s hands. You can forget about post-apocalyptic shooters in which people endlessly fight with guns. The cartridges will run out one day, and humanity will return to edged weapons, including medieval swords and axes stored in museums.

Weapons will become a currency not only because of their ability to protect themselves but also due to their usefulness in everyday life. The most popular currency will be knives that are versatile, lightweight and do not require long training in handling. With it, you can open a tin can, cut down a tree, butcher an animal carcass.

7. Seeds

Farming is the fastest way to feed a lot of people. But to grow something, you need seeds. Getting them will not be easy because most of the seeds are produced by large companies, whose storage facilities will most likely be destroyed.

Moreover, some seeds are not intended for further plant propagation. That is, if you plant a seed, it will grow, for example, wheat. But this wheat will no longer produce seeds that can germinate and allow another crop to be grown. To get the latest stories, install our app here

Do not forget that the seeds have an expiration date, especially if stored improperly. High humidity and non-compliance with the temperature regime will destroy all grain reserves in a few years, and a handful of seeds will be valued more than a yacht.

Just in case, remember the name of the island of Svalbard. There is a storage tunnel with the seeds of the main crops. They are stored at a depth of 130 meters in sealed packages, so they are not afraid of temperature changes and humidity. If you find him first, you will become the richest man globally.

8. Salt and sugar

Centuries ago, salt was such an important resource that scarcity led to riots because salt was the only way to preserve food. In addition, it was one of the few condiments available.

When humankind invented refrigerators and freezers, salt lost its significance and became seasoning. But in a post-apocalyptic world without electricity, salt will again become the only way to preserve food and a very valuable currency. To get the latest stories, install our app here

As for sugar, unlike salt, it will not be possible to get it with a simple shovel in a quarry or by evaporating seawater. You will have to grow crops, such as sugar beets.

Sugar is as much a preservative as salt. In addition, it is the main ingredient in alcohol, another valuable. You can become a billionaire in a post-apocalyptic world if you produce both of these goods.

We hope that it will never come to this and that it will be possible to feel the atmosphere of the post-apocalypse only in games.

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