White model change to dark skin, hoping to “have black children”

Put Injections to obtain dark skin? Sounds pretty reasonable, but a white woman is now also convinced that she will put black children on the world. “Anyway, a doctor told me that”, it sounds out of the mouth of Martina Big. On social media that particular way of thinking comes to her a lot of mockery.

The metamorphosis that the German has undergone is impressive. Nothing is visible of her white origin; the blond locks have been killed. In its place came a black look with frizzy hair.

The only thing she had to do for this was to inject the forbidden remedy Melanotan into the abdominal wall. The synthetic hormone has an unmistakable effect on skin pigmentation. And so, her big dream – growing up to become a black model – has become reality.

“Auto tuning”

Martina was allowed to do her striking story in the British breakfast show ‘This Morning’. For the occasion she had taken her husband Michael Eurwen with her. He, too, now looks a bit browner than usual.

“You can compare it with a car tuning,” says Martina. “You always want something extra, with the result th at you will not recognize the original in the long run.”

“One hundred percent black”

“In the beginning I just wanted a browner skin. When I heard that there was a new ‘medicine’ with that effect on the market, I wanted to take the plunge. Especially because the skin would also be additionally protected against the sun.”

“My husband and I have had the same dose of Melanotan three times. The difference is that it worked very well for me. I can hardly find the right words to describe the feeling, but I feel a hundred percent black now.” To give you an idea: in March, Martina flew to Kenya to be baptized as a purebred African.

“Milk chocolate still good”

To the end, presenter Holly Willoughby addressed a remarkable theme. “Is it true that a doctor told you that you will have black children?” She asked. “Yes,” was the answer. “Is my body ready to give birth in this way? What about breastfeeding for example? Those are things that I discuss with him.”

But what if she gives birth to a white baby, as genetically determined? Would she then also feel that same bond with the child? “Of course, that little one is a mix of me and Michael. I am pretty sure that the result will be black, but I can also live with milk chocolate or a slightly lighter shade.”

The viewers who were confined to the tube hardly knew what they were seeing. Martina gotten a good start on Twitter. “No one can be so stupid, is it?”

The viewers who were confined to the tube hardly knew what they were seeing. Martina gotten a good start on Twitter. “No one can be so stupid, is it?”


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