How beautiful Brazilian model married herself and why she later divorced

This wedding ritual is quite common in world culture, bridal bouquet, luxurious white dress, vows of eternal love, multi-layered cake, and healthy toasts. Recently, society has been captured by the idea of solo romantic relationships, the so-called Sologamy. The marriage of the Brazilian model, Cris Galera, lasted a little over two months. Previously, the model claimed that issues in her prior relationship drove her to marry herself.

A fairy tale without a prince, or you are your princess. Sologamy: (Self-marriage is another phrase, although it may also refer to a self-uniting marriage, which is a marriage that takes place without the presence of an officiant). This practice causes only an ironic grin for many, but it is gaining more and more popularity. Only now, it turns out that you can not get along with yourself and… get a divorce. This happened, for example, with the famous Brazilian model Cris Galera.

A fortune for beauty

Cris Galera is a famous model from Brazil who showcases lingerie from famous brands. To acquire the body of her dreams, the Brazilian woman spent more than 100 thousand US dollars! Ideal, according to the woman, proportions were well worth the money spent. Cris bravely endured a series of plastic surgeries. After the correction, the model’s breasts claim to be the largest on Instagram.

After all the procedures with her appearance, Galera told reporters that she did it because she loves to be in the spotlight. The model loves to show off her body, preferring to appear in public without a bra. This look, she says, instills confidence in her. “I love my breasts, this is the part of the body that I like the most. I have no problems with my figure, and I feel free being naked,” she said.

The fact that Cris loves to be in the spotlight becomes clear from the first glance at her page on social networks. She constantly participates in various provocative events. Recently, 33-year-old Galera, with the company of her like-minded friends, decided to support the “Free the nipples” action. The girls took off their blouses and rode the streets in an open convertible, owned by the model, topless.

The Free, Your Nipples Campaign, began in 2012. It aims to combat women’s inequality. After all, men are allowed to go topless in public places in different countries, but women are not. The movement argues that exposing nipples should be legally and culturally acceptable for women if they so choose.

“I advocate for the right to walk in public showing female nipples. We invest a lot in breasts, so we must show them without fear, just like men. A woman can spend many thousands of dollars on perfect breasts and then cover them up with a blouse or bra. I don’t understand why it is so difficult to show a female nipple,” says Cris.

It can be understood that the fight for gender equality is in trend now. What does a naked body has to do with this is a very controversial issue? Galera believes that being naked in public is equal to a man in rights. To promote this wonderful idea, she is going to continue to take part in similar actions. In psychology, the need to be naked in public has even a special term. But it’s probably better not to delve into this topic.

Woman marries herself

In fact, such an event as a wedding to yourself is not much different from an ordinary wedding. The only exception is one tiny detail: the absence of a second spouse.

The Brazilian model married herself
The Brazilian model married herself

Not so long ago, the shocking model decided to support the fashionable trend of our time and solemnly entered into a marriage alliance with herself in the Catholic Church of São Paulo. For the fateful ceremony, Cris chose a white floor-length dress with a killer neckline. It was intended to demonstrate to a curious public what was spent so much on. She complemented the image with a luxurious bridal bouquet. The woman made this step according to her words in the name of “self-love.”

“I was not ashamed, I resolutely went to church,” said Galera. “I did my makeup and hair myself. Everyone looked at me, tormented by the question of where the groom disappeared.” The model seems to be quite happy with the effect. She is in the spotlight, she is watched, the entire Western press considered it their duty to cover this “epoch-making” event.

On the one hand, modern society is permeated with ideas that it is not necessary to get married and that you do not owe anything to anyone. The idea may be somewhere in theory and good but in practice… Even the treatment of married and unmarried in foreign countries is different. In English, the concepts of “loneliness” and “solitude” are distinguished. If the first means loneliness as a depressing state, then the second means loneliness as a conscious choice.

So such an opposing tradition was born, such as Sologamy. Again, in theory, it should provide some kind of psychological release. Such well-established traditional rituals come to the rescue in this. Really worried about the fact that you never had a magnificent wedding? Arrange it yourself. Do people around you constantly remind you that it’s time to get married? Announce to them that you are already out.

Cris Galera decided in this way to prove to everyone that she does not need a partner at all to be happy. Most people supported her, finding this idea very interesting—especially women. Many have told Cris they intend to do the same. On the other hand, men began to actively offer themselves for the role of the second half of the model on her Instagram. Galera rejected all offers, saying that she did not need it at all.

The woman admitted that problems related to her previous relationship pushed her to such a decision. She said that it is difficult for men to remain faithful to one woman. They often need several women at the same time. Cris cannot and does not want to be in second place. She likes to be always and in everything first. She seems to be doing it.

Did not get along?

After the wedding, the model told reporters: I will never divorce myself. Of course, new love may appear in my life. But I still want to have this experience. I will always put the man in second place anyway. Only me should be on the first one. The funniest thing was the feeling of satisfaction and pride in marrying myself… I will not be disappointed, I will not betray my trust, and I will always love myself.

Brazillian self-married model divorce after meeting ‘someone special’
Chris Galera ©Instagram/cristianegaleraoficial

Of course, the wedding trick is not devoid of a hidden background in the form of a desire to attract everyone’s attention to your precious person. The model claims that she does not care about critics and haters, she feels absolutely happy. Galera spent her honeymoon in Paris and London.

But, as you know, everything good in this world comes to an end. After only three months of marriage, the model asked for a divorce. Have feelings not stood the test of time? In fact, everything is simple and complex at the same time. Galera plans to take part in the Carnaval 2022 parade in Sao Paulo, for which she is going to, of course, be naked. In addition, she announced that she had a partner. The name of the lucky one Cris keeps a secret for the time being.

What’s the point?

It is worth noting that the line between narcissism and “true self-love” is quite thin. It is very difficult to define it. And here the question justly arises: why all this fuss with the wedding? It’s good to be alone – be! After all, a wedding is an expensive event. What’s the point? Sologamy does not deny the necessity of marriage, it only appropriates its traditional attributes. Rituals and institutions are borrowed but not reinterpreted. In addition, marriage is still something that people struggle with, in theory, the main measure of social status.

It is not superfluous to mention here that such actions contradict generally accepted morality and Christian ones. Moreover, they challenge her. One can only guess why, perhaps because it is in vogue today. It’s not just not shameful to patronize others – it’s cool. The stronger, the better. In fact, this only testifies to the inertness of society in understanding which relations should be encouraged and which should not. But this is a completely different topic.

So where is it, the sought-after truth? Of course, it is entirely possible that marrying yourself is not a gesture of extreme despair. Yet, it is foolish to deny that the problem exists. You can marry or marry even yourself, even your pet, even your car… It depends on what goals you are pursuing. Accordingly, you need to be prepared for the fact that expectations are not always met. And even with yourself, you can not get along. After all, you cannot run away from yourself.

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