Brazillian self-married model divorce after meeting ‘someone special’

The Brazilian model married herself and lasted a little over two months. Earlier, the model admitted that problems in her previous relationship pushed her to a wedding with herself.

Brazilian lingerie model Chris Galera, who previously announced that she had married herself, has divorced. The 33-year-old woman was married to her for only 90 days, writes the Daily Star.

Galera said that she met another, ‘someone special’ – and fell in love. “I was happy in this marriage… and began to believe in love the moment I met one special person,” the model shared.

Brazilian model marries herself

Earlier, Chris Galera married herself. The woman said that she did it in the name of “self-love.” The girl arranged a wedding near the Catholic Church in São Paulo, did her makeup and hair herself, put on a white dress with a large neckline, and even threw a bouquet.

Chris Galera married herself
Chris Galera married herself

Then the model also admitted that problems in her previous relationship pushed her to such an unusual marriage.

“It is difficult for men to remain faithful or stay with one woman. They need several at the same time. I like to be a priority, and I am my priority,” the woman said.

At the same time, she promised never to divorce herself but did not deny that she could start a new relationship with someone else.

“I will never divorce myself, but also, if a new love appears, I want to experience this experience. However, I will put this person in second place, I will always be the first,” the model said.

The Brazilian model that marries herself is planning to spend her honeymoon in Paris and London.

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