WHO CEO: ‘There may never be a miracle cure for Covid-19”

“There is no miracle cure for Covid-19. And there may never be.” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, World Health Organisation (WHO) top executive, explained this during an online press conference.

“The clinical tests give us hope, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that an efficient vaccine will come out of them,” acknowledged Tedros. But the coronavirus can also be brought under control through reasonable measures and political commitment, it sounds.

“If political leaders work closely with the population, this disease can be controlled.”

Humanity needs to be well informed, Tedros emphasized. He also urges the man in the street to keep his distance and to wear a mouth mask


“The message to the people and the governments is: do all this, and keep doing it when it is under control”, said the Ethiopian.

According to some virologists, the coronavirus will not disappear, but the accompanying misery will. In the future, Covid-19 will behave like a mild infection. If enough people are immune – and preferably after a vaccination – corona will no longer be a problem.”

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