Who is “Grand M”, the Malian “little elf”?

Hundreds of videos and stickers are exchanged daily on social networks. Some are part of the fashions; they make us laugh for a few days and fall into oblivion. But, there is a small character of Malian origin who has captured the hearts of many Internet users lately. This is Mohamed Nantoumé alias “Grand M”, a young artist-actor, 20 years old.

After “Grand P” in Guinea, here is “Grand M” in Mali. Mohamed Nantoumé has been dubbed for a joke which makes an ironic reference to his “Grand” height and “M” for Messi, the Argentinian player from Barcelona, who, in addition to being admired by Mohamed, was compared to him, because when he played football, he was the youngest player on his team.

“Grand M” suffered from bullying for many years of his life. Still, currently, he has been able to get around the mockery and use his special physical condition to act. What made him famous all over the world. “I never responded to assaults, thank God, today I’m happy!,” He confided.

Who is “Grand M”, the Malian “little elf”?
©Facebook/Gand M – Grand M and Grand P

As well as being a comedian, “Grand M” is a rapper too and is an admirer of “J Balvin,” which he tagged in most of the videos he posted on social media.

The singer does not hesitate to boast, emphasizing that he also knows his work well and prides himself on being part of the two million followers that Mohamed has on his Instagram account.

With more than a million followers on Instagram, “Grand M” has made many laughs with its recordings and its “eye tour”, which is the most popular movement. Even singer “J Balvin” didn’t stop himself from doing a TikTok with one of his sounds, which was reposted by the Malian artist-comedian.

His fame managed to cross the borders of his country and gave him new opportunities. Last year he launched the song called “Messi” in honor of the Argentinian footballer from FC Barcelona. He also shared the stage with African artists.

Mohamed Nantoumé alias “Grand M”
©Twitter – Mohamed Nantoumé alias “Grand M”

The young “Grand M” comes from an ethnic group in the central region of his country, Mali, called the Dogon. In an interview for French company Tchété Music, he said his stage name was inspired by ‘Messi’, since when he played football with his friends, they were all taller.

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