Who is Lady Gaga’s mystery man?

She did not have to make good intentions in love on New Year’s, that Lady Gaga (33) because everything points to the fact that the pop singer had already pawned her heart to a new man. That became clear in Las Vegas, where she’s finishing a concert series.

After a show, Lady Gaga was seen with a man still unknown, they were holding hands, and along the way, they stopped for a moment to kiss each other tenderly. According to eyewitnesses, we have no reason to doubt it at all: “Lady Gaga is finally lucky again in love.” Although the word “luck” maybe a little premature because, for the time being, the exact identity of the man in question remains highly unclear. Insiders in Las Vegas said his name was Michael. At least he’s been staying at the hotel where Lady Gaga has a suite for the past few days.

And he accompanies her to every performance and rides with her in her private limousine,” it sounds. “He was also invited to a private party at NoMad restaurant. There they were almost all night intertwined on the dance floor. Yes, love seems to be great, and Lady Gaga enjoys his attention, you’ll see. That man makes her happy. I hope this lasts.”

A child

Hopefully, indeed. That could mean for Lady Gaga that her dearest wish comes true. Because not long ago, the singer let it slip that she would love to become a mum in 2020. Would this new love be the one with whom she will make that big dream come true?

In Lady Gaga’s environment, it sounds like this: “It is still too early to talk about pregnancy now. But still: a child this year… It could well be possible. If she is really convinced of his love, anything is possible with Lady Gaga.”

With a sizzle

The world star has been disappointed in love several times in recent years. It didn’t work out with sound engineer Dan Horton, her engagement to artist manager Christian Carino was on the rocks, her secret affair with movie star Bradley Cooper didn’t end in a long-term relationship. And her commitment to actor Taylor Kinney also ended in disarray. It’s only logical that Lady Gaga’s belief in love seriously broke down. But who knows, it might work out with this man — anyone who cares about her hopes that she has finally been given lasting happiness.

A whole lot

“If one person deserves a beautiful relationship, it is Lady Gaga,” it sounds. “She has had to collect enough amorous sacrifices. Let the New Year spoil her with a whole lot of warm love. And perhaps also with the child, she longs for.”

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