Why do good girls like bad guys?

There has never been a time when society did not place a high value on kindness. In the end, if a person possesses this quality, it ensures that they will always be lenient, will never leave in a tough period, and will provide support if there is a difficulty. All of this would seem to point to a favourable outcome. Then why can kindness be the most unexpected obstacle when it comes to building a relationship? Would the choice fall on someone who can be put into the category of the bad guys? Let’s get to this by looking at the various reasons why good girls like bad guys.

6 reasons good girls like bad guys

Why do good girls like bad guys?

1. Kindness isn’t always seen as a strong character attribute, especially in certain situations

Even though the so-called “bad guy’s” method of communication and character can boost her self-assurance, the girl will have the impression that she is talking to a brick wall if she is in a relationship with someone like him. However, she is only experiencing this in her dreams.

Most young women have a distorted understanding of what it means to be kind. Rather than viewing it as an admirable trait, these young women see it as a sign of weakness that can under no circumstances be excused. A kind guy is not a “mama’s boy” who is willing to submit to the authority of anyone. In addition, he can protect himself and the people he cares about, speak out for what he believes in, and show strength when the situation calls for it.

2. It’s possible that the girl was brought up with such a model of behaviour

As an example, consider the method of training. Suppose a woman was up in a family where her father did not care about her mother. In that case, it is reasonable to assume that when she reaches adulthood, on some level, she will look for a partner with whom she can have a relationship that is analogous to the one she had growing up.

However, even if the girl’s family was healthy, this does not rule out the possibility that influences from the outside world cultivated her admiration for nefarious characters. The unfortunate reality is that there are far too many poor models of behaviour to serve as examples of what not to do. Take, for instance, the women who persistently cry about being beaten and humiliated by their men, but at the first comment of the “so dump him” type, they scream at the top of their voices that it’s love and that they feel safe with them.

3. Girls like the character of the charming bad guy

This is primarily the entertainment industry’s fault, which portrays likeable bad guys as having fragile mental structures and unfavourable destinies for themselves and their admirers. Although they despise everyone and everything in their environment, they can find solutions to any problem and are willing to go to extraordinary measures in order to be with the girl they love.

This appeals to females because it has such a romantic vibe. On the other hand, nothing works out the way we expected it to in real life. Bad guys are not the same as the anti-heroes on the screen; in real life, they turn into alcoholics who regularly raise the hand of their women, manipulators, relations with whom turn into a nightmare, or unemployed resentful uncles who decide to sit on the neck of women, happily hanging down. In short, they are not the same as the anti-heroes on the screen.

4. It’s possible that the girl enjoys an exciting adventure

Why do good girls like bad guys?

There is a category of young women known as “scandal girls,” characterized by their inability to function normally in a world devoid of drama. It should be no surprise that they strive to discover the ideal mate — the person who will assist them in livening up their current relationships. It is simply not natural to solve problems with scandals, and these individuals are not even permitted to dispute anything, so they are quickly rejected. This is because good and kind guys are not allowed to debate about anything.

5. She may enjoy the ability to engage in weird and crazy activities

Sure, it’s fun to receive surprises, especially ones that catch you off guard, and practically every female enjoys having some crazy, idiotic thing done in her honour. This is especially true when the surprise is unexpected. On the other hand, there is an obvious disadvantage: the bad guys typically act in a stupid way, which is not courageous but dangerous. They do so without any consideration for their health or the health of their girlfriend. However, being in love can make many people forget common sense, and as a result, all potential risks are negated.

6. Bad guys are skilled in the art of manipulation

Why do good girls like bad guys?

Because they are generally familiar with all of the possible manipulations, falling in love with the girl is not very difficult for them to accomplish. Most of the time, they are victorious for no other reason than because they show more initiative (although in an impolite manner), attract more attention to themselves, and gain the upper hand by their self-confidence. It is difficult to refuse what they ask of you.

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