This is what women see first in a man

Men often want to put their best foot forward and leave a good impression, likewise with women. Several points determine your entire impression and appearance. This is what women see first in a man:

A firm handshake

This is originally the first form of physical contact when you first see or speak to someone, the handshake. The moment you imagine it is your moment to shine. This is the time to make an excellent first impression and to show that you are attractive.

Women don’t like a soft hand. However, be careful not to overdo it and go to the extreme by squeezing her hand. Give a friendly, firm handshake when you introduce yourself.

Shoes make the man

Okay, it does sound superficial and cliché. And maybe it is. But women do look at what you have down there. And then we are not talking about your business but, in this case, about your shoes. However, it does depend on the situation.

In a crowded bar at about 4 am, she is not inclined to look at your shoes. But when you get to know her at a different time and state, she will take a look at your footwear. Shoes make the man.

Dance skills for an impression

Your attitude and body language determine that first impression. This also applies when you are in a pub or club. So here we are talking about your dance skills. If you don’t have the moves of a man like Justin Timberlake, we have one simple tip: play it cool.

You will never miss the mark if you move to the beat and play it safe. However, it may be that you are the only one in your group of friends who moves properly. On the one hand, your moves will look better, but on the other hand, a woman will also be turned off because you have clumsy friends.

Your eyes make you attractive

Eye contact is one of the most important factors in generating interest in the opposite sex. Dare to look a woman straight in the eye when you talk to her; she finds this very attractive.

Do it in such a subtle way that you don’t scare her and come across as a creep. During your conversation, don’t get too distracted by other women walking by. Try to focus on the lovely lady in front of you.

Manners like a gentleman

Be a gentleman. It’s that simple. By this, we do not necessarily mean clichés such as pulling up her chair, but normal points in our view.

The little things like eating with your mouth shut and greeting your friends can make a difference. You don’t have to exaggerate and necessarily want to pay all the bills, but find a nice balance in this.

Arms to hold her

Besides the fact that she likes a manly handshake, she also sees the upper arms as a sign of masculinity. Just as we men can appreciate that women do something to their bodies, it applies the other way around. A fit and healthy appearance will make a positive contribution to how attractive you are.

Your behaviour when she is with someone else

This is the last and also the most complicated point. Either way, she’s going to talk to another guy in front of you. On the one hand, you are not supposed to do anything because then she will think that you are not interested in her.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t play the jealous kid. Try to appear confident and friendly and give her space. Keep it cool.

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