Why do negative thoughts come to mind and how to get rid of them?

Negative thoughts are unpleasant because they cause stress and because they often arise subconsciously and are constantly repeated. If not dealt with, they gradually snowball and can cause depression. Negative thoughts create constant discomfort; they interfere with life and spoil the mood. You feel overwhelmed, depressed, worthless.

Some of the most common negative thoughts often plague many people, and you can get rid of them.

What people will say about you

This is one of the most common negative thoughts that persist in almost every head. People are afraid that they will be criticized for their clothes, financial situation, way of thinking, emotions, fears, and the like.

They are afraid that they will not fit into the image of an ideal person created by society. It is not easy to get rid of these thoughts; the main thing is to understand that no one cares about you since you also don’t care about others.

We’re talking about strangers, not family and friends. Having understood this, you will cease to be afraid to seem somehow different.

Everything in this world is either black or white

The division of the world into black and white leads to an unpleasant situation when thoughts about the negative begin to prevail, and you stop noticing the good. When faced with negativity, people become depressed because they believe that there are only good or bad things in this world.

The truth is that this world is not black and white; it has many shades that are more like all shades of gray. Throw away this division only into negative and positive because there is something from one and the other in almost every action.

Failure awaits you

The brain is so wired that it analyzes the situation from the worst possible position to prepare for the expected damage. This is logical because he needs to be ready for negativity and adequately respond to it. Another thing is to think about the bad constantly.

Even when you start a knowingly successful event, you already fall into despair and think that nothing will work out. If you want to get rid of such thoughts, weigh the pros and cons. Even if the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, it does not mean anything. So you will see the positive aspects of this or that decision and, even if everything talks about failure, you will have a chance for a good outcome.

Any difficulty is a loss

Such thoughts often arise in people moving towards a goal but stumbling over something. They especially torment those who encounter difficulties at the beginning of the path. A logical conclusion appears: if it is so difficult initially, what will happen in the middle and end?

This is an erroneous conclusion because difficulties can arise at any stage, and there is no getting away from it. Another thing is how you react to them. Remember that nothing is perfect, and there can be obstacles on any path. This is fine. If you step on a rake, this does not mean that more of them will be scattered further along the road. But negative thinking like “it will only get worse” will lead just to a constant collision with obstacles because you subconsciously yourself will look for deliberately failed options, justifying your way of thinking.

Something is wrong with you

If a person does not justify someone’s hopes or does not see a definite reaction, he begins to rummage in himself, looking for something that influenced his negative perception. And he finds it. This way of thinking usually occurs in people with low self-esteem, who are used to blaming themselves all the time. Of course, there are moments when the impression of you is formed, first of all, by your actions.

But do not forget that almost all people have certain attitudes and may dislike you for some moment entirely unrelated to the negative.

You don’t have the strength to do it

Many people consider themselves weak. Ask for a pay raise? Not enough willpower. Fight for a better life? You’re a weakling; what can you do? Heard such thoughts in your head? Throw them aside. Remember that this is not a matter of weakness but of logical conclusions, which are often broken.

Under this pretext, the brain, which loves to be lazy, invites you not to strain yourself once more. But do not listen to him, act; otherwise, you risk ending up on a social day.

The world is a terrible place

It is enough to read the news, watch a couple of blogs and hear about something negative to conclude that the world is full of evil, and there is only one suffering in it. The way of thinking inherent in us by evolution is to blame here.

The brain focuses on negative points to analyze them and reduce the risk to you to a minimum. This is why you don’t see all the good things outside of the creepy news. The media are well aware of this and disseminate negativity to attract readers. Few people will pay attention to the fact that somewhere life has become better, pandas have been born, or the number of crimes has decreased.

Filter out the negative, at least by subheadings. We understand that running away from reality is not an option, but try not to focus on the negative that does not concern you personally.

This can only happen to you

Another thought that haunts people with low self-esteem. If something bad happens to a person, this is punishment for his sins and nothing else. Of course, we focus on ourselves, and we cannot realize that this has happened to us when faced with difficulties.

Yes, this is unfair, but you are not some unique individual protected from all adversity. Understand that your dismissal or breaking up with a girl is not something extraordinary, and this kind of negativity happens to millions of people around.

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