Why do we cheat on someone we love? 7 reasons to cheat

Cheating is not uncommon, and it is twice as common in men. Some cannot help themselves, while others yearn for self-affirmation. Regardless of what the reason was, your partner will be in the same pain. To not break your soul mate’s heart (and not to destroy the psyche), we suggest that you get closer to understanding the reasons for betrayal and decide for yourself whether to succumb to a fleeting attraction or still need to control yourself.

You lack emotional closeness

Let’s say your relationship is going through a bad period. No matter what the reasons are (work overload, an unpleasant or painful event in a partner’s life, the birth of a child), it turns out that you lack the feeling of closeness in your relationship with your girlfriend.

Then, after suffering for some time, you can go in search of solace to other women – most likely, to those who show an interest in you. Yes, you went the simplest way – you preferred to refuse to help your partner and temporarily replaced him with another person, more convenient for you (cheerful, active, able to make up for the lack of emotional closeness).

No, no one will judge you: to change or not is a personal matter for everyone. Just a little advice: if in difficult moments for a couple, you pay attention to your partner, support him, and take responsibility for your relationship, you can overcome all difficulties much faster while maintaining your union. The problem is not that you lack attention from your partner, but that when one of you cannot give all the best in a relationship for his legitimate 50%, the other has to work for you two.

You were under the influence of alcohol

Still, let’s not forget that alcohol is not a reason to change. You can also control yourself when the amount of alcohol in you tends to agitate your blood. A person who is not prone to cheating, even being drunk, most likely will not do anything stupid. But the one who is not averse to going to the side and in a sober state can get up idiotic acts, barely touching the glass.

Your relationship has problems

You are constantly quarreling and do not understand each other; maybe you are living with your parents or trying to survive in a single room with your child. Whatever the case, such problems can alienate you from each other. And instead of tackling these problems, you may prefer to run away from everything that bothers you to a place where no one expects or demands anything from you.

That’s all there is to say about this situation. Problems require solutions, not attempts to hide. A man should, if not sort out, then at least try to sort everything out. You are in a couple or a family – you cannot count on the fact that everything “will somehow be settled by itself” or that someone will do everything for you. Do not run into treason – it is better to pull yourself together and change the unpleasant situation.

You like to play the role of the “bad guy”

It sounds a little strange, but yes, there are still people who like to call themselves “bad guys”, play with fire, and do things that are prohibited. But the “bad guys” often only feed their inner complexes as a result of their actions. This is because they understand how their behavior hurts a loved one, and then they feel guilty.

You have a midlife crisis

Demon in the ribs – some men are so afraid of the onset of old age that they begin to assert themselves due to the number of betrayals. They try to prove to themselves that they are still young and attractive. Of course, they cheat with young and hot partners. This usually does not lead to anything good: you either say goodbye to your finances or other important things.

You are tired of your partner’s groundless jealousy

If you have been hammered into your head for months or years with the idea that all men are cheating and you are cheating too, then sooner or later, you will succumb to such a provocation and make your partner’s fears come true.

Unreasonable jealousy is killing your relationship. In this case, deciding on treason, you either get the desired emotional respite, no matter how short it may be, or you find yourself a reason to endure scandals and accusations, making them justified.

A little advice: if you are not allowed to live in peace, accusing you of jealousy, think better about how to end such a relationship. Anyway, nothing good will come of them.

You’re infantile

Your infantilism in behavior is a very dubious bonus for your partner because it is not easy in relationships with such people. If despite your formidable appearance, thick beard, and stern voice, you remain a child inside, you should consider attending several psychotherapy sessions and stop making the life of your beloved woman unbearable.

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