Why it’s best to place your smartphone with the screen facing down

How do you prolong the average life of a smartphone? One way is to place it with the screen facing down, explains a computer specialist. According to him, this avoids scratching the smartphone’s camera and allows the battery to cool down.

A smartphone, a device that is an integral part of everyday life, is regularly exposed to risks. In order to increase the lifetime of a mobile phone, Alexander Timofeev, associate professor of the computer science department of the Russian Plekhanov University of Economics, recommends putting the screen facing down according to Prime site.

“While there are many ways to protect a screen, such as glass, those for protecting the camera are missing,” he explains.

And yet most camera lenses on smartphones are protruding, so they too need protection. That’s why it’s a good idea to place a smartphone with the outside part facing upwards, which will help protect the camera.

What’s more, a smartphone with the screen facing down also helps to cool the battery, says the specialist.

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