Why plans for 2022 may not come true, and how to prevent it

For many of us, the New Year is the personification of opportunities, goals, and plans to improve our lives. But, unfortunately, our New Year’s promises to ourselves often do not come true. This happens for various reasons, not just our love of procrastination. Here are 6 reasons why the plans for 2022 may not come true and how to prevent this from happening.

You avoid being specific when making plans

Often, we do not have enough specifics when setting plans for the new year. We say, “I want to buy a car,” and this remains an abstract desire.

For the goal to come true and it was clear how to achieve it, you need to identify and list all the main factors that will help in this. In the given example, you should understand which car model you want and its value on the market. Also, estimate your budget and how much you need to make a purchase. Calculate how much you need to save a month from getting the amount you need.

Use the method of specifics for any, even a small goal, to make it much easier to implement.

Your resources are limited

Imagine that your goal is to learn English. But the nearest courses where you can master this skill are two hours away from you. Of course, there are many chances that, having started attending them, you will later abandon training – the cost of the car will increase, there will no longer be enough time for other important things, or you will get tired because you are constantly on the road.

This resource constraint is a common reason that plans for the new year are delayed. To still bring them to life, you need to look for new resources – which are closer and more accessible. For example, study online – there are many schools that, after distance learning, issue certificates of knowledge if your goal is to obtain such a certificate.

Your goals are not realistic

If we want everything at once and soon, there is a risk that the plans will never come true. This is because it is almost impossible to change habits and lifestyles instantly. It takes time to do this effectively. Therefore, you only need to set realistic goals that you can achieve.

Admit it, losing 10 kilograms in a week is impossible if we discuss a healthy approach to weight loss. And in 3-6 months, it is quite possible. Therefore, for the goal to be realistic, it is important to reasonably estimate the time that will have to be spent on it.

You lack motivation

When you lose interest or feel frustrated, it’s easy to give up. The more we face difficulties, the easier it is to lose motivation to achieve the set goal.

The first thing to do if you know that your motivation is quickly disappearing is to understand the real reason why you set these goals for yourself for the new year.

To do this, set a specific goal, for example, I want to visit the pool to strengthen my back and become healthier. Visualize and imagine how it will be as vividly as you can. Imagine how your body is changing, how it becomes easier to walk for a long time or spend a day at a sedentary work.

By the way, here we talked about ways to motivate yourself for success, which will come in handy for you to implement your plans in the new year.

You are too hard on yourself

If we set New Year’s plans last year and failed to complete them, it can be hard to believe in ourselves. Because of this, we tend to criticize ourselves for failure and treat ourselves too harshly due to constant negative thoughts. How to overcome them, we wrote in this material.

Due to being too strict with ourselves, we may doubt our abilities. And they lead to the fact that we do not begin to move forward and achieve what we want because we are afraid of failure.

There are several steps you can take to stop being too hard on yourself:

  • Remember all your past victories when you feel too hard on yourself again. This will tune your mind to the fact that you can get what you want, and it will help you get rid of negative thoughts.
  • Constant strictness with ourselves is fueled by basic beliefs that we don’t deserve good things or feelings of happiness. Wellness activities are what make us feel more energized and positive. Take a break or go to a cafe in the evening if you like it. Allow yourself to relax and do the things that make you happy because we often deny ourselves due to being too strict.
  • Stop comparing yourself to other people. This is one of the easiest ways to feel insignificant. Social media only aggravates the habit of being hard on yourself. Remember that in reality, you are not comparing yourself with another person, but with your idea of him. You have no idea what his problems are, and if you knew about it, you would probably be happier to be yourself. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to changing your own life for the better and not comparing it with others.

You don’t have enough support

When we feel lonely in our endeavors, it can be not easy to stay motivated. Therefore, it is worth looking for support so that the New Year’s plans come true.

Post your status on a social network or ask your friends if anyone would like to be your gym companion or take a handicraft class. And if no one of your friends or family shares your plans, find communities and support among people on the Internet.

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